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Zetec Timing Belt Cover
the_big_1 - 20/5/19 at 07:36 PM

Hi guys,

I dont have a timing belt cover for my silver top Zetec, will keep looking for one. In the mean time, could anyone give me the width of it at the very top???


bonzoronnie - 21/5/19 at 07:07 AM

Can't get to my 1.8 silvertop engine to measure for you ( Hidden away in the corner of my workshop )

Fiesta XR2 silvertop one on ebay at the moment. looks identical to mine ( 1.8 escort zetec engine )

Item No : 113705867463

not particularly cheap though.

the_big_1 - 21/5/19 at 05:15 PM

Hi ya,

Yeah not cheap! And so many people have took them off and bined them.
Will keep looking or if anyone here has one. Just need width at the top, i.e from where it meets the engine and forward towards the rad etc.