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Raceline sumps windage tray.... Any pics or info on this please?
Bamo - 17/8/19 at 10:39 PM

I've gone from a silver top to st170 and noticed my windage tray won't bolt up to the mains on the St engine as if fails the crank. I've since read raceline mount this to the sump? Has anyone got pics of this please and g he asurements? Thank you.

big_wasa - 18/8/19 at 07:10 AM

Mine's fitted so I can't help with pictures or dimensions but.

It simple bolts to the base tray with some spacers. The base tray has captive nuts fitted.

Bamo - 18/8/19 at 08:00 AM

Thanks again, I think I need to see if I can exchange/part ex mine as just took delivery of it. I thought Id be able to mount my silver top windage tray but it doesn't work the same, have different mains.

big_wasa - 18/8/19 at 09:21 AM

If you have just bought it then you probably only need the fitting kit ?

I bet the base plate is already cut for the captive nuts infact I would be surprised if there not already fitted.

big_wasa - 18/8/19 at 09:27 AM

There is one on Ebay that shows the captive nuts and there aftermarket windage tray. The silvertop tray should also fit.

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Bamo - 18/8/19 at 07:19 PM

You're correct, just opened and new one just needs captive nus and windage tray, old one someone has butchered but was origional part didn't have these. Thanks again.