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Clutch pressure plate
johnnybizzle1986 - 1/12/19 at 09:58 AM

Hi All

I have a lightened ginetta GT5 flywheel on my zetec engine, it has a 215mm friction plate but no pressure plate, I have tried to track one down was wondering if anyone could help.

The flywheel is 285mm standard diameter
3 pins at 218mm c/c between them
And has 215mm which fits my mt75 gearbox

Regards Jon

wonderfulweasel - 1/12/19 at 12:56 PM

Precision clutch components will be able to sort you out.
I've no association, but have had good service from them recently.
I'll post up their details later when I get home.

big_wasa - 1/12/19 at 03:45 PM

Has the flywheel got drillingís for extra locating pegs ?
215mm is a pinto size. If it has other holes for locating pegs it would suggest itís been redrilled for a pinto clutch.

Standard Zetec E is 220mm on the 1.8 and 240mm on the 2.0 and the 130ps 1.8 silvertops.
You can use a fwd clutch with the Mt75 but there is slightly less travel making the clutch a little on or of but not that bad.

With a fwd clutch and Mt75 there is a gap of 20mm between thrust bearing and clutch. Westfield glued a spacer to the thrust bearing. Iíve had two and they work fine. Gbs use a longer clutch pivot pin. Iíve also seen a few other solutions.
With a pinto clutch there will still be a shortfall but not 20mm.

kingster996 - 3/12/19 at 05:34 PM

I have a light flywheel off a Ginetta on my Zetec. The pressure plate and clutch plate are off a mk1 Mondeo

One of these

johnnybizzle1986 - 3/12/19 at 07:52 PM

Great stuff thanks, il get one ordered

kingster996 - 3/12/19 at 11:37 PM

Not sure if it helps but hereís a pic of my Ginetta flywheel (weighs 3-4kg)


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