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Mk2 polo distributor seal issue
Eviljohn - 17/2/20 at 12:02 PM

Hi all. Hope you're all safe and well.
I'm hoping to get some guidance on a mk2 polo issue. I'm currently chasing some oil leaks, have changed cam cover gasket as was most obvious. Next is distributor. I found oil down the side of the engine, under the distributor and also a little inside the dizzy. I've got a replacement O ring seal on the way, but can't seem to find the bigger seal. Part number 052905273A. I will keep looking but if i can't find one for sure, is it possible or even advisable to make my own? If it is, how would i go about doing that?
Thanks in advance for any guidance you can impart. Very much appreciated.

Mr Whippy - 17/2/20 at 12:47 PM

Part number 19 just looks like paper gasket seal, most autoparts stores keep gasket material which you can just cut out with a knife and will be just as good as the original


you can buy the stuff online too, handy to have anyway... If you oil the surface and then press down the gasket material you'll get a nice outline to follow with the knife

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nick205 - 17/2/20 at 12:59 PM

If you can't buy the single part it might mean you have to buy an overhaul kit with a set of parts in it (like a top end gasket set for an engine).

theconrodkid - 17/2/20 at 04:39 PM

looks like you want No 14, thats the O ring that leaks and as Nick says, make your own gasket.
nice to see another John in sunny Weston

rusty nuts - 17/2/20 at 05:13 PM

If itís leaking oil that badly I would suggest checking the crankcase breather isnít blocked, it was a common cause of oil leaks due to pressurising the crankcase.IIRC Itís pressed into the back of the block, just follow the hose fitted to the underside of the air filter

Eviljohn - 18/2/20 at 12:16 AM

I have the O ring on the way. Went back on 7zap and realised i don't have the distributor specific seal.
I've had a look at the crankcase breather. Can't see any signs of leakage at either end of the egr hose. My understanding is that it's either fine or blocked. Hoping it's the former as i've heard it's a b**ch of a job!
Was a significant leak for sure. Emptied itself. Most obvious was the cam cover gasket, which i've now replaced. It had collected in the lip along the front. Had a fair bit of oil down over the manifold heat shield and the dowpipe. Also found a little inside the dizzy and a fair amount of mess down the side of the engine under the dizzy. Little bit down the back but not as much. Plugs were a bit oily. Air cleaner was clear as was exhaust.
Is there a simple way to check the crankcase breather?
@theconrodkid, i'm actually in Taunton now. Soz.