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regrinding camshaft ?
fregis - 24/2/20 at 11:02 AM

Hi, i have idea to regrind camshafts
Are disadvantages?
Maybe know where i can do this?

good V6 opel camshaft cost to much...

SJ - 24/2/20 at 01:35 PM

Used to be common enough to regrind cams. Depends on the material though and only suitable if cast.

SPYDER - 24/2/20 at 08:01 PM

30 seconds on google brings up Dbilas and Courtenay who will regrind your cams.

chillis - 24/2/20 at 09:45 PM

these guys have been doing it for decades

steve m - 24/2/20 at 10:48 PM

Any one with the right tools could grind a camshaft, its the hardening process after, and keeping it 100% true is the difficult bit