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Cooling system
robv70 - 5/7/20 at 12:51 PM

Hi all, after many years off it's time to start my build again.GBS Zero using RS2000 16v engine! Seemed like a good idea 10 years ago when I started!!!! The cooling system I'm struggling with. Have radiator that has a cap and a small pipe just below. Do I need to add a header tank eg one off a clio? Or am i supposed to connect the pipe to an expansion tank? Think that's what are called!


adithorp - 5/7/20 at 02:37 PM

The pressure cap on your rad is probably too low to be effective.

Your best solution is a header tank mounted as high as you can and either switch to s Polo rad. If you stick to the current rad you vould use the overflowpipe by the cap as a air bleed back to the header and fit s blanking cap to the rad (Fiesta mk1+2 had them)

robv70 - 5/7/20 at 06:15 PM

Thanks for that, cant get to upload pics but does this sound correct?

Large pipe out of header tank T'd into water pump to bottom of radiator.
Large port on thermostat to top of radiator.
Small port on water pump to medium port on thermostat.
Radiator cap port to top of header tank with small port on thermostat T'd into it.
Pic would be easier!!!!!

adithorp - 5/7/20 at 07:46 PM

Think that sounds about right (I'm guessing the "medium pipes" are the heater take offs). Only use the rad overfow as a bleed though if you have the blanking cap that seals just at the top without the pressure bit.