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Author: Subject: legal matters

posted on 16/9/10 at 10:17 PM Reply With Quote
legal matters

Just looking for some basic legal advice on wills and contesting them. My grand-mother died 6 years ago and before she died her husband, not my grand-father, was bullying/threatening her (we never got chance to ask to what extent) and was found crying on several occasions. 1 or 2 weeks later she died but she wanted to change her will. She made one but unfortunately the legal requirements of witnesses etc were not met and she died without changing her will legally.

Her husband buried my grandma in the same grave as my grand-father and the day or day after the funeral he threw all her family out of the house and refused us all entry. We thought he was greiving and left him. But a few dats later he was violent towards us and notwanting to look like "gold-diggers" we left the situation alone and time passed.

We recently discovered that her husband passed away too and has left an estate of over 30,000 pounds to his only daughter in Australia, included in this is the deeds to the grave where my grand-parents are with space for my parents (2 more places) one day.

Obviously my father is devastated and he has no idea what to do? So, is there something that can be done, if not for the 30,000 pounds estate but at least for the deeds to our family grave?

Any advice would be kindly welcomed.

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posted on 17/9/10 at 05:36 AM Reply With Quote
Surely the first port of call would be contacting the daughter in Australia and asking for the deeds to the grave??? I would find it very strange owning the deeds to someone elses graves and not handing them back to the family they belong too


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posted on 17/9/10 at 06:29 AM Reply With Quote
^^^my thoughts too^^^

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posted on 17/9/10 at 07:13 AM Reply With Quote
Get some proper legal advice, sorry to sound blunt but a lawyer specialising in wills, inheritance etc. is what you need.

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posted on 17/9/10 at 07:20 AM Reply With Quote
Check your home insurance - you might have legal cover as part of that - give them a call if so and they can put you onto one of their solicitors for advice.



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posted on 17/9/10 at 12:44 PM Reply With Quote
Unfortunately your question isn't really basic and as advised, you'd be best speaking with a lawyer.

Which country your Grandmother etc lived in are critical too.



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