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Author: Subject: Blade-powered Locost - Final Reduction

posted on 27/11/10 at 09:56 PM Reply With Quote
Blade-powered Locost - Final Reduction

Apologies for creating another thread but I wanted to ensure that everyone was seeing the correct price.

A lot of time has been spent on the build of this car to ensure its reliability on both road and track. We intended to enter competitive sprints/hill-climbs (hence the numbers, which are removable) and attended a few introductory days with the car, but a change of circumstances sadly means that we won't now be able to use it as intended.

If you need any reassurace as to the quality of this car and the way in which it has been looked-after then please contact Andy Bates, as he will vouch for it - you won't find better for the money!


Fireblade-powered Stuart-Taylor Locost road-registered on Q-plate (only visual emissions check at MOT time) in August 2007.
9 months Tax and 5 months MOT
Comprehensive documentation including build photos and wiring diagram


1997 919cc Honda Fireblade
Lightly-tuned by Isle-of-Man TT race preparation mechanic (increased compression, kent cams, slotted cam-sprockets, valves re-faced and seats cut) less than 400 miles ago
Full Gearbox rebuilt less than 400 miles ago
TTS Dynojet kit supplied, fitted and carbs balanced by AB Performance
AB Performance airbox with K&N filter connected to AB Performance NACA duct located in the nose cone
Bespoke shortened sump with stainless steel baffle-plate
OEM Honda clutch plates with Heavy Duty Barnett springs
MK Engineering 4-1 Stainless steel manifold
Custom Chrome Racing Stainless steel silencer with removable bung for trackdays (98dB static)
Bespoke aluminium fuel tank with internal baffle-plate and swirl-pot
Early Fireblade self-regulating fuel pump
Brand-new VW Polo Radiator with 12" fan and Revotec manually-adjustable fan switch
Bespoke aluminium header tank
All-aluminium cooling loop complete with silicon hoses
MOCAL 11-row Air/oil cooler on sandwich-plate with braided hoses
Uprated "Superdream" regulator/rectifier
Stripped wiring loom (non-essentials removed)
Flatshifter Pro (full-throttle clutchless upshifts/downshifts with engine blip) (cost 500 and worth every penny!)

Chassis & Drivetrain

Locost book-chassis with black powdercoat finish
MK Engineering rollcage
Dunning & Fairbank TRT propshaft
Ford Escort Mk2 RS 3.54 english axle with twin trailing arms and rose-jointed panhard rod


Protech front shocks (adjustable for bump/rebound) with 225lb D.Faulkner springs
Avo rear shocks (adjustable for bump/rebound) with 150lb D.Faulkner springs
Rose-jointed and fully adjustable front suspension
Corner-weighted & geometry set-up by AB Performance


4pot Hi-Spec calipers with Mintex 1144 pads (front)
Rebuilt Ford Escort Mk2 RS 9" rear drums with Ferodo shoes (rear)
Hardlines direct to goodridge braided hoses

Wheels & Tyres

6 x Ford Escort Mk2 RS Alloys (6J x 13) 4.5KG each (4 powder-coated in anthracite)
4 x Toyo R888 GG (185x60x13)
2 x Part-worn Yokohama A048 M (185x60x13)

Bodywork & Fittings

Lightweight aluminium panels (Sikaflex bonded)
Fully flat-floored
ETB DigiDash II with IR lap-timer and Beacon
Datatool Digi Gear indicator
Odyssey PC545 Battery
FIA Master switch
MK Engineering pedal-box
Racetech mirrors (centre and wing) Racetech 260mm steering wheel on Racetech removable boss
Stuart-Taylor Paddleshift via AB Performance cable
Double-skinned GRP seats, both on adjustable runners
2x Brand-new TRS 4-point harnesses
Genuine carbon-fibre dash
Caterham CSR replica carbon-fibre reinforced cycle wings.
Acoustifoam noise-insulated nose cone and bonnet
MNR bonnet scoop
Savage switch bank (Start, side-lights, dipped, main-beam, fog, horn, hazards)
Aluminium passenger footrest
Bespoke Mohair Tonneau cover with centre zip and push-the-dot fasteners (cost 300)

Please contact Phil on 07720548853 with any questions or for further information.
Located near Coventry.

Yours for 6999 no offers

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posted on 27/11/10 at 10:25 PM Reply With Quote
That looks lovely, a real bargain for someone, shame ST's are mostly overlooked by the masses in favour of more well known
7 a likes, especially as they level most of em on track Good luck with the sale.


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posted on 28/11/10 at 07:51 AM Reply With Quote
Wow that is one hell of a car, when I consider what I have spent on my MK Indy-Blade and for 3k less I could have got all that spec. I think it is a bargain and if some ones in the market for a fast 7 they would be mad not to consider yours. Only downside is it is not a good time of year to sell cars, Good luck with the sale. Barry.
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posted on 28/11/10 at 08:44 AM Reply With Quote
Having seen it, it's a very nice car and a shame to let it go.
But I guess weeks before xmas in the middle of arecession aint a great time to sell

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posted on 28/11/10 at 10:49 AM Reply With Quote
is that cage removeable?

would it perhaps sell easier if that was removed in the pics?

just a thought, as a new person to these builds, and even my wife commented that she didnt like the look compared to other cars, as the cage just seems to look a bit odd

its obviously there for a reason, but could this possibly be putting potential buyers off?

for that sort of money its a very good deal and maybe making it more appealing to the larger market of general fans and drivers rather than the hardcore track or hillclimb etc fan would give a better chance of a sale?

heavy is good, heavy is reliable, and if it breaks, hit them with it

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posted on 28/11/10 at 07:51 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks for your comments - your right about it being the wrong time of year to sell but unfortunately needs must This is as low as it goes though - someone will save themselves a good amount of money by buying now if they can as she'll be back on at a more sensible 8000 if still for sale come next spring!

I can see what you mean about the cage Tony, it does look a bit odd in the third photo but it's welded to the chassis so removal would take a bit of work. Also I know many people won't feel the need for the cage if they're mainly looking at road use, but I think it's important from a safety point-of-view given the performance on offer


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posted on 10/12/10 at 12:52 PM Reply With Quote
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