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Author: Subject: 4age omex 600 starting problems

posted on 17/3/11 at 09:16 PM Reply With Quote
4age omex 600 starting problems

Hi everyone,
right I'm getting back into the garage to try and finish my striker after a while off...
The main problem that I'm having is my engine refuses to start... i have a 16v 4age with some race/rally cams, jenvey throttle bodies and the omex 600 ignition... with the map that RAW supplied me
when i first installed the engine, it started first time every time, and then after a while started getting temperamental and would only start after a few attempts, and now refuses to start.

Over the last few weekends I've been home and tried to start it and get to the bottom of this problem.
I have fuel, but no spark.
So initially i thought it was the coil pack, replaced this and still nothing.
I then downloaded the omex software, to try and find out what's happening or what's not happening....the first start window shows that I have all the inputs, and when i crank the engine over it shows something from the crank sensor but the 'stat sync' box does not change...
after this ive de-creased the gap on the crank sensor, so its the distance that RAW say it should be... rather than the almost 2mm that it was, but still nothing...

For this weekend ive bought myself a new crank sensor to see if this does the trick...

So my question is, does anyone have any clues to help me try and get my car started again? any ideas welcomed as after this i have no idea, and the only thing i can think of is sending the ECU back to omex to check it still actually works.

thanks in advance, as i would really like to get my car started again and on the road for the summer...

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posted on 17/3/11 at 09:56 PM Reply With Quote
Martin @ RAW should be the man to contact as he helped me with my similar problem. This ended up being the crank sensor gap being too large. Sorry but I can't remember the actual setting or gap but it's very small!!!

Hope this helps. Good luck!!!


Reminds me, I must put my engine and gearbox back in the car soon!

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posted on 17/3/11 at 10:48 PM Reply With Quote
I spoke to martin at RAW a couple of weeks back, and he said that should be the first thing to check,
if I remember correctly it should be about 25 thou... which is what the gap is now... but it still not starting, the thing that gets me with this is previously (a year or so ago) it was starting fine with a much bigger gap.

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posted on 18/3/11 at 07:20 AM Reply With Quote
give omex a ring they are really helpful. do you know if the sensor is a vr or a hall? if its a vr put a multimeter on the pins set to ac and crank it over you should see athe voltage go up and down.

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posted on 31/3/11 at 05:18 PM Reply With Quote
in the first start screen you have the parameters box. at the top if yu click at the top (grey bar) unlock, you can then change any of the live data in form of drop down menus e.g. you could remove road speed, and view timing errors instead.

(this is also handy for viewing any realtime ecu data)

the timing error should display a value of 1 everytime you try start the car, as it counts the missing tooth as an error whilst it establishses engine position.. if you have no error you are not seeing the tooth. so a problem with sensor, or timing wheel set up.

stat sync should turn on after around half a second when cranking, and stay connected when running.

tip: with ignition on, wave a screwdriver in frotn of the crank sensor, if it work you will hear the fuel pump prime, or see stat sync flash up on the laptop.

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- colin.

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posted on 11/7/11 at 09:13 AM Reply With Quote
sorry to Hi-jack this thread:

ive a similar problem with my OMEX (ignition only, as toyota engine is running on 45th):

i recognized that during cranking the omex is not able to supply a spark. if you relase the ignition-key from cranking position than the engine fires up.

im sure is has to do with the voltage dropping down during cranking. but my question is (also i dont find it in the mnaual). which is the minimum voltage the OMEX ECU does work?

i had a simlar problem on a vauxhall xe engine where i used a different winter time the voltage dropped under 9V and the ecu didnt work anymore. when i re-fitted the weber-aplaha ecu (which was suplied with the car) it worked. webcon confirmed me that their ecu will still work with 9V (not less) but the other ecu suplier confirmed that he needs at least 10V.

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atspeed racing

posted on 14/7/11 at 02:59 PM Reply With Quote

other components stop working long before the ecu does. the omex will actually work down to around 5.5 - 6 volts

so your coil will have given up, and injector openings times (although ecu does compensate for battery voltage to a degree but not that low lol) and other electronic engine goodies will be all over the place at that kind of voltage.. thats if the starter even turns lol.

try this guide for omex no spark issues:

i can send in PDF for hgher quality - email:

- colin.

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posted on 16/7/11 at 08:32 AM Reply With Quote
thanx for the diagram. my omex is ignition only, as im running the toyota engine on carbs.

anyway...i already contacted OMEX, who also confirmed that the system is working even down to 6V.

now the (easy) solution:
the ignition-barrel is wired wrong: when the key is turned on the cranking position, the power-supply to ALL ancilleries was shut-off.

relasing the key from cranking position powers the ancilleries (incl. the ECU), therefore the engine starts only when releasing the cranking-position.

2 former owners (both members in this forum), incl. their garages did not recognize this problem since 2003 (!!!!) and i found certain old forum threads which indicate that they already had similar problems during their ownership...unbelievable!!!

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