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Author: Subject: FS - Yamaha DT125 Rolling Project ('99)

posted on 11/9/11 at 04:53 PM Reply With Quote
FS - Yamaha DT125 Rolling Project ('99)

Thought I'd stick a post on here in case anyone's interested.

I'm selling my 1999 Yamaha DT125.

This is a bike that I used while passing my test, which mainly consisted of green laning. Since passing my test I've used the bike exclusively for off road riding (green laning and enduro practice days). I now need to move onto something a bit more sophisticated in the engine and suspension departments so I can get going with some enduro events properly.

It's a rolling project bike really, in need of some cosmetic and electrical attention. It's not quite running right at the moment, but this is likely to be down to needing a good thrashing out as 2 strokes tend to be.

Cosmetically it has it's good share of dings and dents - would benefit from some attention on the tank (or just find a second hand one) and a set of graphics. I never did this because I'd only make it bad again when off road, and it never really bothered me anyway.

The biggest issue with the bike is a wheel alignment problem. I never really got to the bottom of this and have been quoted 150 by a local specialist to check the bike on a jig and make any necessary repairs (based on me stripping and re-building the bike myself). It's not bad enough to fail an MOT (since it passed) and doesn't really affect the way it rides off road - I haven't noticed it on the road since I don't do that much tarmac work on it (I have Triumph Tiger 955i for that).

I've replaced and upgraded quite a few things on the bike - DEP Exhaust (gained a ding on the expansion pipe during my last outing, but nothing too bad), Hytech c/f reeds, air filter, chain & sprockets (selection of different size front sprockets), brake pads all round, brake fluid changed, Maxxis Pro-IT tyres, hand guards, MX hand grips, ranthall bars and new clutch/throttle cables. There's also a few spares including a gasket set, levers, clutch cable, throttle cable, spark plug and a DT200 alloy swing arm. There's probably a few other bits that I have knocking about.

I have all the parts that aren't shown as fitted on the photo's (pillion pegs, indicators, chain guard, gaiters) - I just removed these bits for off roading (except gaiters, which I took off when I popped the forks off to do some work at the front, then forgot to put back on)

It's road registered and has V5 in my name, MOT and tax (about 6 months left on each). Needs a new license plate as it got a bit battered about on my last run out and I threw it away - I'll sort this out before it goes though. I got the bike HPI'd when I bought it and it came up clean.

I'm looking for 750 for the bike.

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posted on 11/9/11 at 06:03 PM Reply With Quote

the wheel alignment, is it front or rear? as regards rough running whats it doing?


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posted on 11/9/11 at 06:21 PM Reply With Quote
I think the wheel alignment is at the front - local frame expert seemed to think it's fairly simple to fix and has done a lot of DT's over the years (all from a phone call though - never had it on the jig).

Rough running is a bit of hesitation when accelerating - I had this problem when I first bought the bike and it got a lot better after a decent ride out and a good thrashing, like 2t's tend to need. The only other thing I can think that it could be is a problem with the coil (15) which I would probably replace anyway if I was keeping it - if I entered it into an enduro I would want to know that every single part that could cause a breakdown is either new or fully re-furb'd (hence why I've been working through the bike with new pads, cables, filters, exhaust etc.)

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posted on 11/9/11 at 07:55 PM Reply With Quote
Blimey, thats a blast from the past. The DT125 was my first ever bike back in about 1982 when they first came out on a 'Y' plate.
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posted on 11/9/11 at 08:01 PM Reply With Quote
They are good units.

The pre '89 was the LC rather than R model. Not a massive amount of difference in them really, but a lot of evolution over the years.

I was at a classic enduro ('Vinduro' which was for bikes up to 1986 and there were a couple of LC's running and doing OK. Problem is mine is a 1999, which can't go in the classic class for quite a long time and will be absolutely mauled by KTM's and Husqvarna's in modern class events.

So, it has to go to make way for a KTM of my own.

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posted on 11/9/11 at 09:24 PM Reply With Quote
I still have the book from the one I had years ago here on the desk next to me Great little bike and fun to ride. My friend's lad has just let his go and bought a Honda C90 for running about and a KTM 200 EXC. He's doing/done an enduro this weekend at Pinxton.

[Edited on 11/9/11 by Peteff]

yours, Pete

I went into the RSPCA office the other day. It was so small you could hardly swing a cat in there.

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