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Author: Subject: request dimensions renault NG3 transmission

posted on 30/7/13 at 01:29 PM Reply With Quote
request dimensions renault NG3 transmission

Hi all,

Who can help me with a dimension overview of a renualt NG3 transmission?

I have just measured up the complete enginebay of her's Citroen HY campervan and thinking of swapping in a complete renault 25 NG3 & J7T combination. 5speed transaxle and 2.2L petrol engine.

I'm looking for the following info on the NG3 box

side view:
hight difference from "cranck centerline" to "output-flange centerline".
total hight between "output-flange centerline" and "lowest part of the cassing"
Length from "output-flange centerline" "towards reamost part of the box"
Length from "output-flange centerline" to "bellhousing flange"
Length from "output-flange centerline to where the bellhousing rises on the upperside of the gearbox( i need to clear a crossbeam that cannot be replaced)

or can anyone fill out the measurements on the pictures below but for a NG3 instead of UN1??? (would be very nice)

I have made a similar drawing on a UN1 once should anyone be interested.

Grtz Thomas

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