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Author: Subject: Sdr Storm

posted on 27/3/17 at 02:48 PM Reply With Quote
Sdr Storm

Is anyone currently running an original Sdr Storm with the Aprilia engine. I bought one last summer and have been gradually getting to grips with it however it is proving to be far from reliable.
It has suffered from starting problems relating to the battery being drained while it is stood and i have also been spending time just tidying up the car in general.
The exhaust needed rebuilding as all the joints were loose.
I took it out yesterday for a run and had to stop as it sheared a couple of the bolts connecting the engine to the diff.
It seems everytime i look at the car something else needs repairing or replacing.
It would be good to compare notes with someone.

Cheers Rich

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posted on 27/3/17 at 03:27 PM Reply With Quote
Battery draining whilst stood still was common on cars in the 1970, especially BL and Ford (don't ask me how I know), usually a faulty earth somewhere on the car but may be a dead battery worth getting the battery tested at a local garage.

Bolts sheering on the flange between the engine and the diff - does it have a rubber donut or cush inbetween them, this is usually used to reduce the shock loading when using bike engines in cars, bolts should be high tension ones (12.9 IIRC, stainless will be A2 probably, usually stamped on the head of the bolt), if they were replaced with shiny stainless ones they are nowhere near as strong (but look good to the un-initiated!).

As you are finding the quality of a kit car is more down to the competence of the builder than the actual design and manufacture of the kit these days.

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posted on 27/3/17 at 03:37 PM Reply With Quote
Yes there is a rubber donut there and I removed a broken head of a bolt which was 8.8. I will be going over this car checking everything now as I am not confident about it.
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