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Author: Subject: Pinto or zetec

posted on 21/5/17 at 08:40 AM Reply With Quote
Pinto or zetec

Morning boys, advice wanted. I have a pinto running about 150 bhp think it peaked on dyno at 158 and settled for best power curve at 150 ish. I have been wanting to up grade to a zetec or similar but was surprised to find out that standard they only have about 136bhp. What are people thoughts is it worth the expense or do I stay with pinto or just sell the car and move on to one already done ?

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posted on 21/5/17 at 08:54 AM Reply With Quote
Early silvertop on standard injection and cast iron exhaust exhaust mani was around 136 raising to around 145 with the last of the blacktops. A few breathing mods will get them to 150 and ditching the Oem injection will get you to 165. Cams and head work will get you to 200.

St170 and Duratec will get you to 200 with out cams.

What ever way you cut it, it's a lot of cash for a few bhp.

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posted on 21/5/17 at 08:54 AM Reply With Quote
A duratec may be an easier option as the induction and exhaust are on the same side as the pinto, saving rerouting of a few things. Bottom line is 150bhp from a fiesta ST lump easyish gains to 200bhp, 280bhp is achievable N/A, boosted 400 bhp+
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posted on 21/5/17 at 08:55 AM Reply With Quote
Depends on budget, zetec will need new mounts, new exhaust manifold, plumbing and sump will need sorting, can re-use gearbox, but if you go down the nodiz route you can do it relatively cheaply. If you have the five hole progression 45's already they can be re-used if not go zx6 bike carbs both will need manifold. Silvertop or black top on bike carbs should give around 165hp with everything else stock.

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posted on 21/5/17 at 09:00 AM Reply With Quote
Doesn't sound like it'll be worth it unless you're going to tune the Zetec.
Why did you have to settle for 150bhp? Was it the ignition curve and its limitations?
Why not fit mapped ignition so the engine can be at its best everywhere, within the limits of the fuelling (DCOEs?) anyway?
Did this with my highly tuned Lancia Montecarlo engine on twin carbs and it was great

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posted on 21/5/17 at 09:16 AM Reply With Quote
Zetec is a much smoother than a pinto, lot more parts available due to be much newer... although it's now 14 years since the zetec ran out.. F2 boys now run zetecs after ditching the pinto..

For me a free flowing exhaust, a set of 40mm bike carbs and a pair of fancy cams will see you close to 200bhp. Add some head work and your over 200.

Start with an st170, add the same carbs, delete the vvt, get the cams dialed in and your over 200.. (wish I'd done that)

Find a mk1 rs turbo engine (you'll be lucky) and your looking at 200, 300 or 400bhp.

All these will bolt up to your existing gearbox.

I would enjoy the pinto for the rest of the year, decide what your going to do, gather the parts and use the winter for the swap..

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