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Author: Subject: Race Technlogy DL1 Mk1

posted on 27/9/17 at 04:40 PM Reply With Quote
Race Technlogy DL1 Mk1

Race Technlogy DL1 Mk1

Full Details -
Full Data Sheet -

What is the DL1? What is the DL1?
The DL1 is a state of the art, highly robust, compact "black box" data logging system. Put in the simplest terms, it stores a wide range of vehicle data for later analysis on a computer - the system does not include an in-vehicle display, although there are products from Race Technology which provide this function.

Who is the DL1 designed for?
The DL1 was initially designed for autosport applications including drag racers, single seater racing cars, rally cars or road cars - however it is also ideal for use on power boats, go karts and motorbikes. It is also an ideal platform for use in the auto industry for car testing of all types, from long term monitoring to competitor benchmarking.

What does the DL1 do?
The DL1 can store data from a number of sources including its built in high accuracy GPS and accelerometers, wheel speeds, shaft speeds, engine speeds, temperatures, pressures, lap times, sector times etc. The data is sampled 100 times per second and then stored onto the compact flash card in a format that the computer can read. Our software can then load and process the data and allow analysis of all aspects of the data, from lap times to speeds, temperatures, suspension movement, etc. To view data in real time the DL1 can be connected to the DASH1, DASH2, DASH3, VIDEO4 or VOB.

Supplied with 1xDL1 Mk1 and 2xGPS units (you only need one!), 1xCF Card

Works absolutely fine, I just rarely use the software to analysis the data and gain advantages. Its was wired into my car perminantly on the ignition circuit. Can be plugged into cigarette or any other 12V source.

200 posted.

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