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Author: Subject: OT - recommend me a toy toolbox

posted on 15/11/17 at 11:54 AM Reply With Quote
OT - recommend me a toy toolbox

I'm looking for a decent toy tool box for my eldest's Christmas present

she's nearly 4 and fascinated by the builders doing extensions and such around us (and hopefully our hose very soon too) and she gets quite exited when I'm fixing the cars and wants to know how it all works (even although she hate any loud noises)

obviously I want to try and encourage this - especially when she came home one day telling me she couldn't be a mechanic or a builder because she's a girl (I wish I knew who told her that one...... I'm really angry about it)

anyway I just keep finding really flimsy plastic stuff or sets for 50 that only have a few bits in them
(but I still need to be careful with part sizes etc as her 1 year old sister will probably get her hand on them too...)

I'd love to find something like a car / lorry or so on that she can take apart rather than just the usual DIY tools

anyone got any recommendations ?

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Mr Whippy

posted on 15/11/17 at 01:21 PM Reply With Quote

had that for my girls, you wouldn't believe how much vigour a little kid can whack a plastic hammer off a tv screen, even plastic saws can be used as combat weapons - confiscated... along with the bow and arrow set, the play kitchen, pedal car (continually used to run over her little sister with)

Anyway, mine have turned in to the most girly girls imaginable mostly due to the influence of their friends & tv who have much more of an effect than any attempts to lure them out to the garage

Although I'm all for equality, girls of 4 are really just after a Barbie house etc (what mine are getting) to play with their friends when they come over....

when their older I will try and get them into off road trials with the old Landrover but for now they have no interest whatsoever

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posted on 15/11/17 at 02:31 PM Reply With Quote
My sons were a couple of years older, but both had cheapo real tool boxes. They've slowly been filled with tools (spanners, hammers, screwdrivers etc.) from Poundland. As Mr Whippy says the ferocity they'll hammer things with is quite astounding - said toolboxes now live in the shed to preserve things in the house
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posted on 15/11/17 at 06:18 PM Reply With Quote
when I was 4 I had a magneto to play with,.. now I have a garage,.. a Land Rover, a Fury, and more projects than I can count.

Do not give your children magnetos to play with!!


Fisher Fury was 2000 Zetec - now a 1600 (it Lives again and goes zoom)

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posted on 15/11/17 at 07:47 PM Reply With Quote
Do not give your children magnetos to play with!!
yea they are quite shocking ;-)

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