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Author: Subject: Home Tuning

posted on 5/1/18 at 12:28 PM Reply With Quote
Home Tuning

I currently run a 1.8 silvertop zetec, 2.0 cams, with gsxr throttle bodies. All run by a MegaSquirt 2.

The ecu tuned by Bailey 2 years ago and the tune has been great.

Iíve iminantly putting a ported and polished head on, and rather than having to spend the money on another tune, Iíve been considering using VE Analyze Live to make what should be minor amendments to the map.

Anyone have any experience of this or comments?


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posted on 5/1/18 at 01:07 PM Reply With Quote
I used VEAL on the V6, found it very good. Made idle and WUE a doddle.
Needed quite a few miles to fully plot it. I will still tune on a rolling road if only for the ignition table

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posted on 5/1/18 at 03:28 PM Reply With Quote
Hi Anthony! I've tuned my 3SGE engined car using VEAL using AlphaN and subsequently ITB mode on MS2. Like has been said, a rolling road might fine tune the ignition table and when I put mine on the rollers the tweak was minimal and only picked up a couple of hp. Part load and cruise were fine.
You already have a good ignition table and the majority of it shouldn't change anyway due to fitting a ported head.
The VE table will tune perfectly well with VEAL. I use a long, long hill which helps to hold the revs (sometimes together with left foot braking) while varying the throttle to cover all areas of the table.

Are you on AlphaN or ITB mode? ITB mode gets easier once you get your head round it. Some datalogging is necessary to calibrate the ITB curves but its easily done. Your existing AlphaN tune gives you some basic starting numbers for the top half of the VE table. I did a quick Speed density tune to derive some starting numbers for the bottom half. Once these are put in it becomes a straightforward single table tune.
I found ITB mode to be well worth the effort particularly for town driving and cruise conditions. It makes no difference at high loads.

The next thing rearing it's ugly head is Enhanced Acceleration Enrichment or EAE, some version of which is found in most if not all OEM ecus. Sometimes referred to as X-Tau. All to do with "Wall Wetting".
Again it is a question of datalogging and getting your head around what it is doing. It can make a big difference to driveability
particularly when gently picking up the throttle or on a leisurely gearchange where the TPS/MAP based enrichment might not cut in. It can also help when picking up the throttle on/off on/off coming out of a corner, helping to maintain an even AFR and prevent any stumble.
If you are using the GSXR injectors then EAE could be of great help.

You can obviously save your present tune so you always have a default to return to. MS2 has its ITB mode and EAE so why not utilise them. I'm no that far away if you need any help.

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