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Author: Subject: Corner weights with anti roll bars

posted on 29/1/18 at 08:15 AM Reply With Quote
Corner weights with anti roll bars

How do you set corner weights up with anti-roll bars. Do you disconnect them or leave them connected. I have done it before without ARB- Any help appreciated

Thanks Kev

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posted on 29/1/18 at 08:36 AM Reply With Quote
Hi Kev,

Can't see that it makes any difference connected or not, as you will have blocks under the remaining three wheels
at the same height as the scales.

The only time an ARB is under strain is when one wheel is under compression while the opposite on that axle is in droop.

Paul G

Edit to add:-

As a matter of interest are we talking proper ARB, as in spring steel ?

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posted on 29/1/18 at 09:29 AM Reply With Quote
Disconnect the ARB's when you're doing corner weights.

When you've done the corner weights, with the car on the ground with a mass in the driver's seat to represent the driver (ie. suspension under static load) adjust the drop links so that they are under no strain and the arms are horizontal as you reconnect them.

FWIIW, they are under strain when either wheel is in bump/droop (its opposite number doesn't need to be deflected in the opposite direction, as 907 suggests, though obviously there is additional strain when there is deflection in opposing directions).

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posted on 30/1/18 at 09:04 AM Reply With Quote
ARB must be disconnected when corner weighting, then as previously stated must be refitted without any load.....
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posted on 30/1/18 at 09:08 PM Reply With Quote
I read in one of my suspension books that if you add an ARB you should reduce the paired springs to a lower rate that is comparable to the strength of the ARB.

If you do this then the you will have complely different pre loads to when the ARB is connected.

For example. If you fit only a front ARB and then reduce the spring rates to compensate, there will be loads of preload on to balance the corners. With the ARB on there would be less preload required as the ARB would create some of that needed preload.

I do think the advice that has given is correct, corner weighting must be separated from the interference of ARB but when you consider front to rear and the dynamic of the different springs acting on the wheel I question the removal.

This is just a topic of conversation. I have books to learn from, not pretend I know what I am talking about!!

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