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Author: Subject: Hayabusa help

posted on 17/2/18 at 09:37 PM Reply With Quote
Hayabusa help

Got a project, it had already been working but the wiring was a mess.
Since rebuilding the car I have no an issue with what wires do what.
Loom has been adapted already but I am a little lost.

What would be power into the ecu? Orange/white?

Yellow/green, go to earth?

Black/ idea on this one.

Starter is wired independent from the engine loom so I can turn it over but need to sort the ecu side of it.

Hoping someone on here has the knowledge.

Cheers guys

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posted on 18/2/18 at 12:50 AM Reply With Quote
yellow green is not earth defo black is

but !
depends on year of loom
uk or usa
what about the neutral and clutch switch ?
is the alarm plug wiring still there
if it a later loom be careful as there are black live wires as well, and black indicator wires.

some pics might help and more info


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posted on 18/2/18 at 12:53 AM Reply With Quote
any help?
∙،. ˘≈ﺣ

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posted on 18/2/18 at 08:22 AM Reply With Quote
I have a diagram, which I think is correct one but still a bit lost.

Loom has been stripped back by previous owner so prob got a max of 9 wires left loose.

Neutral is blue and is working.

Yellow/green I though I had read somewhere to earth to act as clutch switch bypass...left loose for the min.

Orange/white I have as ignition live.

Not sure which should feed the switch side of my fuel pump relay.

Black/green I have left loose as no idea on that one.

Orange/yellow (from memory) is earthed via a 100k resistor

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posted on 18/2/18 at 05:04 PM Reply With Quote
Just looked and these are the only wires I have that need connecting by the looks for the engine loom.
Orange/Yellow (have 100k resistor to earth)
Yellow/blue (tacho)
Blue (neutral light)

Tip over switch is in place still.

Hopefully someone can help

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