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Author: Subject: Mistrale Midi project for sale

posted on 18/2/18 at 05:10 PM Reply With Quote
Mistrale Midi project for sale

Hi all,

With a heavy heart I have decided that I must part with my project. The final straw has been the proposed emissions changes - I had just removed the EGR system as I needed the space in the engine bay and it looks like, if the changes come in, that this will be a problem. It would be easy enough to reinstall it, but some changes would be needed - it fouled on the rear mounts for the exhaust/number plate. I really can't face the work needed to reinstall the system! IF the changes come in, I could just use the car for trackdays - with a Puma engine I'm sure it would fly - and that would be a bolt in engine swap, but what I really want is a car to drive to the pub on summer days etc. - I think something more classic looking is my next step!

Anyway, I am open to sensible offers - putting it here first before the dreaded 'bay.

The parts in the car are worth £750-£1000 ish - I considered selling them separately but realised I couldn't bare to cut up the chassis at the end once everything was sold, so I am looking for someone who wants to finish my work and then enjoy it. Here is a photo of it last time I had it out of the garage. Full details of the build are at and in various posts on here. The car is located in Lincolnshire, between Grantham and Lincoln - obviously you will need a trailer and viewing is highly recommended! Note the car is designed around me at 5'8". Seats and pedals are currently fixed but it shouldn't be too much work to make a bit more leg room available.


Chassis: Mainly 50x50 16g Square and round tube. 16g steel floor bonded and riveted. Welded rear bulkhead. Removable footwell bulkhead for tank access. Robin Hood Roll hoops welded to chassis.

Welded steel fuel tank incorporating donor fuel pump and valves.

Homemade pedal box, Donor clutch master cylinder, Mini Brake master cylinder (new).

New old stock Escort Mk2 Rack. Westfield track rod extensions.

Cortina front uprights - one blasted and powder coated, one painted. (matching powder coated one available as novelty paperweight - see my tales of woe on here or blog!)

Front Hubs - reconditioned, new bearings.

Rear hubs - donor fiesta. Need cleaning/painting as do driveshafts.

Front brakes - new discs, reconditioned M16 callpers, new pads.

All new brake flexi’s by Russ Bosst

Rear - New VW callipers, carriers cleaned/repainted. Second set of VW callipers, used, included. New pads needed. Standard Fiesta discs - probably need replacing.

Sierra Steering column. Modified downlink to replace rubber disc with UJ.

Fiesta Indicator stalks.

Custom aluminium shroud/housing incorporating fog light switch and donor hazard switch.

Koso DB02R Digi dash including wiring and senders - just need to add water temperature sensor housing. Fuel gauge works - shows empty when empty, but shows full when only half full.

Fixed ‘Triton’ seats, with threaded mounts moulded into the bases.

New Sabelt Harnesses.

New front 5 3/4 sealed beam headlights. Fiat Coupe rear lights. Mondeo number plate mount including new LED lights. New Focus side repeaters. New wingtip front indicators.

Standard ‘Locost’ Front suspension, rubber bushed.

Home made CDS tube rear suspension mounting original Fiesta bottom ball joint. ‘Rose’ style bearings. Track arms from Fiesta steering Arms - adjustable with ‘Rose’ style bearings.

Front Protech adjustable Springs/Shocks

AVO adjustable mini-struts at rear. Springs fitted but need replacing with ‘softer’ ones.

Ford Fiesta 1.25 engine, with CAT approx 56000 miles . Original ECU and wiring. Engine was running on temporary install. Permanent wiring needs finishing - turns over on starter motor but fuel pump not connected. Hard Fuel lines installed.

Bespoke Wunoff repackable stainless steel silencer and connecting pipes, clamps, to join original Fiesta downpipes post-cat.

New centre and side mirrors.

New motorbike ‘aero screens’

Bodywork is mainly flat aluminium panels. Modified Beetle engine cover for nose - needs finishing!

Small fibreglass trim sections for front and rear made, but need finishing.

Current State: Suspension etc. Loosely assembled to car for ease of movement. Chassis cleaned, primed and painted Satin black. Generally OK but needs the odd touch up.

Brake, clutch and fuel lines all installed. Handbrake installed, cables need fixing.

All of the major wiring is sorted and waterproof connectors installed in most places. Some tidying is needed in the engine compartment - a new battery cable, some earths need permanently terminating, but when connected up, all electrics now work as they should.
Steering and Pedal box installed but need final fixing.

Dash installed.

Engine installed - new bolts may be needed to replace used nylocs.

All body panel attachments installed ready to screw/bolt panels back on.

Lights all in place - need final fixing.

You will need a few nuts and bolts, Cycle wings and stays for the front and back and thats about it. The wheels definitely need a refurb and new tyres -they are just on as build wheels.

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posted on 18/2/18 at 10:37 PM Reply With Quote
If you double check the new IVA refs, you’ll not need an EGR.

The new regs mean that a kit will be tested to the BET or Basic Emissions Test. This is effectively the same as Euro 1 and while it will cause massive problems for those of us wanting to use older engines, a Fiesta engine on injection with a CAT should pass fairly easily.

I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure

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posted on 18/2/18 at 10:50 PM Reply With Quote
I think that the new MOT regulations that come into force in May prohibit tampering with any emissions equipment such as DPF, EGR etc.

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posted on 19/2/18 at 08:59 AM Reply With Quote
I don't believe those regs could be applied to kitcars, particularly if you are the designer/builder of the car, if it's built without EGR then it hasn't been "removed" it was never part of the build. So, provided it is presented at IVA without EGR & passed the emission test (which should not be a problem if managed, injected & catalysed) then it would never be considered to need EGR

I would add this is obviously IMHO, but I think a quick chat with the guys at VOSA would confirm, you obviously don't say "I think I need to remove the EGR as it's in the way", you say "when I designed the build I believed EGR wasn't & wouldn't be a requirement so it was built without EGR"

TBH, I very much doubt whether most IVA inspectors would know for sure if a particular engine had EGR & if so where fitted & what it looks like, & I suspect that the same could be said for a lot of MoT inspectors, particularly if it's a car/engine they are not extremely familiar with, I think as usual the powers that be (eu Regs?) have said "we need to stop this" & have issued te directive without any thought about how anyone is to apply it on the ground, looking at most engine bays with plastic covers above & below I would imagine there must be 1000's of cars where you can't even see the EGR equipment without dismantling ..............

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Don't forget Stainless Steel Braided brake hoses, made to your exact requirements in any of around 16 colours.

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posted on 19/2/18 at 10:27 AM Reply With Quote
Its a fair point Russ, when I re-fit the exhaust heat shield, the only evidence will be some shinier metal on the block where some of the gubbins were bolted! One for the to do list methinks!

I'm still open to offers though

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posted on 22/2/18 at 10:17 PM Reply With Quote
Just a little nudge to the top before I offer it elsewhere.

And further to Russ’ post above, re-reading the proposed MOT changes, it looks like the EGR delete will NOT cause a problem passing IVA.

[Edited on 23/2/18 by JC]

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Mike Bentley

posted on 23/2/18 at 03:36 PM Reply With Quote
Don't sell it

It a credit to you
You have done so much.
your nearly there.

so many people give up when it comes to the IVA.

Mot and IVA testers are a friendly lot and if its on injection with a well hot CAT I am sure it will pass

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posted on 23/2/18 at 07:18 PM Reply With Quote
If it’s really really time to go just put a price on it that you can live with. Over the years I’ve found the best offer thing rarely works on here. If it sells quick it may have been cheap or you may have just found the write buyer.

I understand as I did the same, mine was a little further on. I put a price on it that I could live with but I got so much more value from watching some one take it forward and seing it alive instead of under a cover in the garage.

If you don’t finish it though you will always feel like you have unfinished business. But that’s no big deal as you can always pick up somthing else.

Bring on spring

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posted on 23/2/18 at 07:26 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks for the support guys!

For a Locostbuilder who promises to put it on the road, let’s say £1000 will make me happy.

[Edited on 24/2/18 by JC]

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posted on 24/2/18 at 06:09 PM Reply With Quote
Price added. -see above!
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