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Author: Subject: Scrapping a failed Donor?

posted on 8/9/18 at 05:40 AM Reply With Quote
Scrapping a failed Donor?

Hi All,

I've broken a Discovery and have decided to cut my losses and get a new donor vehicle as the parts on this one are very knackered! I've already cut up the body shell and got rid of that in the back of my car, but now wonder what I need to say to the DVLA? The engine is broken into individual parts as is most of the vehicle. How do I get rid of it and the V5?

Likewise I'm likely to get another vehicle and strip the engine and running gear but potentially sell on the shell and chassis for others to break for parts. Do I have any options here with the DVLA, can the ownership be transferred and then the ngine number be on my project build?

Thanks. Concerned that asking for advice from DVLA may not be the wisest approach!

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posted on 8/9/18 at 06:26 AM Reply With Quote
Have a close look at the V5c document.

I believe there is a tick box for you to let DVLA know that you have personally scrapped a vehicle.

I have used this in the past with no issues but have not done so recently.


It is perfectly legitimate for a private individual to break a car for spares & dispose of the unwanted parts as scrap.

Would then be up to the person concerned to let DVLA know that the vehicle no longer exists.

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posted on 8/9/18 at 07:32 AM Reply With Quote
It sounds as tho' you want to use the engine from the donor you have - that is the only identifiable part of a donor, so why not stick with the donor you have in terms of what you declare for the build - if you choose to use all the running gear from a different donor (of the same vehicle type) they are not going to be aware of that & it will make no difference to anybody at all, it's not the same thing as ringing a Dutton into a Lotus 7!

If you declare multiple donors you will get a Q plate, which despite what some may say will most definitely devalue the final vehicle

If you are going to do the above then don't declare the vehicle as scrapped until you have the car finished & registered at which point DVLA should do so automatically as it is the donor for the rebuilt vehicle

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posted on 8/9/18 at 09:02 PM Reply With Quote
Typing on a computer rather than phone makes this sooo much easier! ;-)


I think the scrapped check box has disappeared from recent V5 documents but will re-check.

I will keep the engine block and parts from the original donour but I have little epectation to use them. I suspect they will find there way to the recycling centre before long. Aside from that it's only the chassis I have to get rid off and my plan was to reach for the angle grinder, drag it out on to the drive and hack it into boot sized chunks, keeping the chassis number stamp. Photograph the exercise and then I need to declare the vehicle privately scrapped.

The only issue with the new donor is I would like to get shot of the rest that I don't want in one shot. It would be easier if the chassis was still there, do I just hack out the ID section and get a signed receipt on sale for a collection of parts? I'll be keelping suspension, steering, axles, prop shafts, gearbox, transfer box, and a few other little odd sods.

Progressing this way I think is good for a non-q plate. I'll only have one detailed donour, with the chassis and body being new.

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