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Author: Subject: Motorcycle kit for sale or for help

posted on 4/12/18 at 05:13 PM Reply With Quote
Motorcycle kit for sale or for help

These were listed in the wrong section hence this post (in case you see a double post)

If people are interested but dont have the money, im open to swap these for help with the kit car......especially anyone that can rewire a road legal BEC and make bespoke cycle wing mounts!

After selling all of my bikes i am having a clear out over the next few weeks. For the time being up for grabs are

Berik 1 piece leathers LS1-7932. Size 48 UK. Im 6'1, 16 stone and stocky and these fit me perfectly. If you are any bigger or heavier, they probably wont fit. They need a wipe down but are in perfect condition. Cheapest ive seen these for after a quick google search is 395 (im willing to be corrected). Forum price of 310 collected from Aylesbury. Id say 15 for delivery and i will refund anything if its cheaper

Arlen Ness 2 piece leathers. Jacket is 48UK and bottoms 38UK Bottoms have a small foot peg hole in the bottom of the right leg but is covered when you wear boots. Again it needs a wipe down. Quick google search shows them at around 150 so 100 collected from Aylesbury. Again 15 postage and ill refund anything if cheaper.

Wolf racing goretx 2 piece suit Sized XXXL. These are big! I used them to put over leathers for winter riding when i had no option but to ride in freezing conditions. Im 6'1, 16 stone and these are still big. With leathers underneath, track bottoms and a hoody over the leathers, then these on top....these fit. I also used them when using the kit car in the winter. Ive no idea what model they are but think 70 collected or 80 delivered is a fair price. The collar has rubbed against the back of my lid so some wear to the collar.

Spidi thermal winter gloves. Sized XL. Nice and snug for winter riding. 10 collected, 15 posted

Im open to sensible offers on everything.

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[Edited on 4/12/18 by number-1]

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posted on 8/12/18 at 08:19 PM Reply With Quote
Both sets of leathers are now sold. A forum member got a bloody bargain
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posted on 10/1/19 at 05:49 PM Reply With Quote
Gloves are now sold so the only thing left are the 2 piece goretex WOLF suit
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