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Author: Subject: eBay Scam ads. What's the story?

posted on 16/12/18 at 05:46 PM Reply With Quote
eBay Scam ads. What's the story?

I see lots of cases where a seller has lots of vehicles for sale, often classics, that are clearly fake and usually involve selling on behalf of a friend etc..

Like this


What's the point?


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posted on 16/12/18 at 06:30 PM Reply With Quote
These scam listings on ebay work by finding trusting or dim witted buyers.

Firstly they use stolen / hacked ebay user id's

Then you get drawn in by what sounds like a reasonable excuse as to why you can not view the item in person.

Out of the goodness of their own heart they will then tell you they will deliver it to you at no extra cost.

Once you are hooked

You will be asked to pay in full via bank transfer.

Most likely you will be sent a fake ebay invoice claiming you will be covered by buyer protection if you click the link contained in the invoice.

One the link is clicked, you are asked to log into your ebay account (This is how they obtain the next generation of hacked accounts for future listings ).

Finally when they send you the bank details, the account number will most likely be missing a digit.

You contact them to say that you are unable to make the transfer due to the account no having too few digits ( This way they know you going to pay & to be ready to empty the receiving bank account )

" Sorry my bad , I missed the last digit of the account number "

You will then pay & that's the last you see of your money.

Bank will not refund you as you made the transfer willingly.


A member of my family was scammed as above.

Ebay know these listings are fraudulent but do nothing.

Person owning the hacked account gets the hassle of ebay chasing them for the listing & final value fees.

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posted on 16/12/18 at 07:24 PM Reply With Quote
I was thinking there was more to it. The seller for the listing I looked at had so many near identical ads it was clearly dodgy.
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posted on 16/12/18 at 07:32 PM Reply With Quote
We had a discussion about this on another car forum

One of the members is on a team of "vigilantes" that tries to shut them down and get them to justice

The scammers are mainly teams out of former Russian countries, it's on an industrial level
What surprised me is that he said a lot of people sell their ebay accounts with a decent history if they no longer plan to use them - I'd assumed they were hacked

There is a particular payment scam they often use, it's through paypal, called "Pay After Delivery" the idea of this service is that your payment is held by paypal until you are happy with the goods, only then is your money released - sounds safe?...........
Except car purchases are excluded from this scheme, so when the car doesn't turn up, you contact paypal, by then your money is well gone

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posted on 17/12/18 at 11:10 AM Reply With Quote
As someone's said, PayPal buyer protection doesn't cover motor vehicles. Aside from the people requesting bank transfers, some will often suggest a ""holding deposit" through PayPal to secure the vehicle, and cash or bank transfer of balance upon collection. Whilst this may seem more real-world in its approach, they may only ask for a couple of hundred pounds, but when said vehicle never materialises/seller goes quiet/fails to send collection address, PayPal won't refund you. Easy money for some, unfortunately.

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity!

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steve m

posted on 17/12/18 at 06:54 PM Reply With Quote
The saying "A fool and his money are easily parted"

I am sorry to say, but if some dimwit actually falls for paying a large amount on a car (or anything) without actually seeing the item, then they shouldn't be buying on line!

Thats was probably spelt wrong, or had some grammer, that the "grammer police have to have a moan at

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