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Author: Subject: gearbox oil circulation

posted on 7/4/19 at 07:52 AM Reply With Quote
gearbox oil circulation

in neatural gear , does oil splashed everywhere on every gear cog?

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mark chandler

posted on 8/4/19 at 07:19 AM Reply With Quote
Depends on the gearbox design, It does not matter as long as the bits that are spinning are lubricated.

So if the 1st motion shafts gear is dipped in oil it will pick up and splash around, may not reach the back of the box but will keep itself wet, some gearboxes have oil pumps, early Range Rover 4 speed boxes had one driven off the first motion shaft so pressured oil was pushed around at idle.

Old auto Jaguars had oil pumps that ran off the 1st motion shaft and output shaft so they could be towed safely.

I use motul 75/90 gearbox oil, you can notice the difference to straight ep90, I change it every few years as really not that expensive to do.

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