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Author: Subject: Remote brake booster. Experience?

posted on 19/4/19 at 12:34 PM Reply With Quote
Remote brake booster. Experience?

Hello fellow locostbuilders,

Like many on here, I strayed from the straight and narrow path that is the seven and have been dabbling with classic cars for a while. In our family stable, we have a nice 1500 MGA. Drum brakes all round which causes some issues with pedal weight for my retired father. He likes his cars a bit softer these days so I am looking at reducing the pedal effort. I want to avoid switching to front discs and am looking at remote booster setups. This is still an old single circuit brake system car, so it looks relatively simple to retrofit a booster. Do any of you have experience with such setups? Any advice and wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

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posted on 19/4/19 at 03:51 PM Reply With Quote
would be easy enough to fit if you have space, just run the main brake pipe through it and a vacume take off from the manifold.
dont know about availability but i seem to remember the Hillman hunter and some Alfa / Fiat,s had a remote servo.

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posted on 19/4/19 at 06:29 PM Reply With Quote
Car Builders Solutions sell them, bit pricey.
This looks like what you want 1029144032%26meid%3Dd39398c7090a4c31b5abfd10a7f0f644%26pid%3D100534%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D5%26&_trksid=p2349526.c100534.m4207#ProductDetails

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posted on 19/4/19 at 08:16 PM Reply With Quote
Fitted an ebay special (from MGB hive) to my TR7 powered toledo a few years ago. Works fine....
Available in a variety of boost ratios, well under 100 for the kit. I used the 1.9 ratio....

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posted on 20/4/19 at 05:28 AM Reply With Quote
Thanks guys. Looks like this is a good option, from mgb hive:

Cheap enough for an experiment.

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