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Author: Subject: Cad work - chassis

posted on 19/4/19 at 05:24 PM Reply With Quote
Cad work - chassis

I have not been around for some time but am planning the next project.

I have a blueprint of a chassis in plan, elevation and a cross section. It is from a 60s sports car and I want to look at making one. I could of course go the route of scaling / printing it in 2d and using it as template, to start form a fabrication table, but am interested in going about it in a more technological way, and am looking for someone / a company that can translate the 2d drawings into a 3D cad model, hopefully allowing for parts to be ordered pre-cut etc. It would hopefully allow a bit of analysis to be done also to see if a few tweaks would help stiffness etc.

So my question is, can anyone do this for me / recommend a company who could?

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posted on 20/4/19 at 11:09 AM Reply With Quote
It's not that easy going from 2 to 3d CAD, especially for something complex. It's often easier to start from scratch in 3D. It will be expensive. Companies pay 1000's a year for their CAD system so will be looking for a return.
If you have time, maybe learn yourself. Onshape and 3d Fusion are both free for home users. I've done a bit in Onshape and it looks ok.

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posted on 20/4/19 at 12:27 PM Reply With Quote
When `i use a contractor at work to model complex plants. I pay anything between `35 - 55/hr
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posted on 20/4/19 at 05:12 PM Reply With Quote
Used to produce 2D CAD (AutoCAD) then moved to 3D CAD (Solid Edge) at work. From a working perspective 3D CAD is easy enough to master, but the software isn't cheap.

It was always easier to start in 3D than trying to convert things from 2D to 3D though.

I stepped out of that area in 2004 and now work in sales.

In terms of recommending people or companies to do what your after I can't help, but I'm pretty sure it would be costly. Unless you're then able to market the result to recoup some expense I'd favour the lower cost method myself.

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posted on 20/4/19 at 07:27 PM Reply With Quote
I'm happy to do it, if you don't get any better offers, provided you're not in a desperate rush.
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posted on 10/5/19 at 01:07 PM Reply With Quote
There was a guy who was on the formula 750 forum, but i cant find the link for it. I'll have a look on my old machine to see if its a bookmark.

It might have been Faroux Sports Cars, they ahve a twitface page

They said on one post
Our 3D CAD software connects directly to a laser cutting machine. Using our "Laser Align & Fit' Technology all joints are calculated by the software in such a way that they fit on their exact location.

This is done by interlocking position helpers (pins and holes) at both ends of the tubes.

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