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Author: Subject: zzr 1100 wiring

posted on 25/5/19 at 05:18 PM Reply With Quote
zzr 1100 wiring

hi all just coming to the end a very long build on a zzr1100 7 type the car was on the rollers yesterday and all went well ,the problem I have had is the motor will run fine but it cuts out randomly when ticking over example will run for 10 minutes then stop ,or run for a few minutes and stop ,I thought it was over fuelling but this is not so, Dave at interpro thinks this is a electrical problem , it has never happened when its being driven but if it cuts out at the iva test I may have problems , ,I did the wiring myself a long time ago,i one problem I had was what to do with the black and green and black and yellow wires I was told to earth them which is what I did ,I just checked them again and I have 12 volts plus from each wire ,this cannot be correct put to earth ,I have put another ecu on and same thing ,any ideas cheers nick.
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posted on 27/6/19 at 10:53 AM Reply With Quote
Not sure if this will be much use, but here is my very cut down wiring diagram.

You're Correct that the black/green and black/yellow wires need to be earthed.

Full thread here

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