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Author: Subject: abit rich under light throttle - cruising

posted on 28/5/19 at 09:36 AM Reply With Quote
abit rich under light throttle - cruising

A new set of CBR600 F4 1999 carbs ran good but rich on under heavy load on my 1.4 AFH head POLO set up. 150 jets. I purposly did it as I knew on the next engine they would be perfect.

So now on my 1.6 set up , same engine AFH but ported and race cam, the carbs run better 13.5 - 14.2 under a decent load.

Only difference I notice was for some reason on feathering the accelerator like a grandad when cruising somet doesnt feel right.

AFR is 11.5. Just felt boggy especially up hill. As soon push down on pedal a litle more, the AFR increases to where it should be and you can feel it's right. As if throttle response sucks!!!!

The ignition map on megajolt is a default one because I couldn't risk using the one I had on the 1.4 setup.

Maybe this is all normal, not sure.

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posted on 22/6/19 at 09:27 AM Reply With Quote
turned out to be intake pipe ducting flange on the air box. it kept popping out one corner but i would not have thought that would result in a richer mixture under light throttle.

if anything would have expected it to be more leaner.

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