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Author: Subject: Clutch Cable

posted on 16/6/19 at 06:23 AM Reply With Quote
Clutch Cable

Hi everyone

My Velocity is eating clutch cables, like every 200 ish miles, I even have to carry a spare.
It uses QCC1260 Ford sierra with a kind of ball joint end that attaches to what looks like welded/modified bracket on my clutch pedal. the build manual refers to m6 hole using a 8.8 bolt washer and nyloc nut so the cable can pivot freely, so the cable in picture has a mounting eyelet ?

anyone got any part numbers ?

ford type 9 box 2.8 v6

thanks all


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posted on 16/6/19 at 07:10 AM Reply With Quote
Where is the cable breaking?
That will tell you where the problem is.Basically anywhere the cable is stressed it WILL break. (I have this issue, but I get 5K before it happens)

If it is breaking every 200miles something is VERY wrong and a new cable is not the answer. I don't like the sound of the welded pedal either.

Now, pictures help, IF you can work out how to post them... or maybe links to a pic hosting site?

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rusty nuts

posted on 16/6/19 at 09:04 AM Reply With Quote
Does the cable break at the pedal end ? Sounds like itís not pivoting around the bolt or itís pulling at an angle. On my car I made up a sleeve to get a decent straight pull on the cable
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posted on 16/6/19 at 06:23 PM Reply With Quote
I had this on my XT and the break was at the pedal end at the join as the cable was not freely pivoting

I used a shoulder bolt and a nut each side of the attachment of the pedal with washers to ensure the cable was free but I still have a strong connection

Science Iíve done that not had one go in 2 years and 14 track days 🤠

Luego velocity XT 2.0ltr 221.3bhp 178.9lbft

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posted on 17/6/19 at 09:52 AM Reply With Quote
Thanks everyone

yes it is on the pedal itself, it breaks right at the nipple end,
you guys are right, the bend is to severe, I think it need something like a clutch quadrant.

Ive got it booked in with MK kitcars in Braintree im sure they will sort it out.

ill post some pics up but basically I have a "c" shape welded to side of the clutch pedal and the clutch cable hooks into.
bit like a bicycle brake cable, when you press the clutch there is no pivot point so it literally tries to turn the nipple 90 degrees, hence why they snap. im sure its a quick fix. but dam hard to photo !

Thank you all.

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