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Author: Subject: Heinz 57 Steering column Bits Identification

posted on 26/3/20 at 09:37 PM Reply With Quote
Heinz 57 Steering column Bits Identification

Evening all,

Finally got the weird/crap steering column bits out to check (slight play in the column).

It's clearly a home bodge but I'm trying to work out what bits he might have used.

It looks like he has cut off a proper column and then welded a smaller dia splined shaft for the top section. Does anyone recognise the column (outer or inner) at all please? It looks like a standard Escort inner column from the wheel down the welded part? - albeit with a bodged stripped thread for the steering wheel nut?:-

Any help gratefully appreciated!


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rusty nuts

posted on 27/3/20 at 06:22 AM Reply With Quote
Personally I would scrap it and start afresh! If the steering rack is an Escort item then the lower joint is easily available as are column extensions, various columns have been used , my own was a Sierra part attached to a home modified lower extension . The important part, whatever you use ,is a self collapsing section and to use decent mounting brackets and if your not confident modifying and welding get a good welder to do the job .
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posted on 27/3/20 at 07:56 AM Reply With Quote
I can only see one weld on the inner column. Looks like a telescopic column that has been welded to a fixed length?
Yes, the threads appear damaged, and I don't like the non-telescopic nature of the column.
It does have a bit of a BL look to it, mini or Triumph. But then again most columns look very similar!

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posted on 27/3/20 at 08:21 AM Reply With Quote
Spot on Cliftyhanger! Just googled classic mini steering column and that's exactly what it is! He has cut that and welded a standard 'off the shelf' splined steering rod to it. Many thanks for identifiying - that's exactly what I was after!

It's the top bush that's worn - and I can now replace it knowing what it is. That's all I wanted for now - just get it 'safe' again and use it for a bit through the summer.

Also thanks Rusty Nuts - The longer term plan (during the winter) is to junk the whole column and fit an MX5 one so it's done properly. I just didin't want to miss out on a bit of summer fun having just bought it.

In fact the Winter plan now - is to completely strip it down to the bare chassis. Blast/rust treat/re-paint the chassis and then build it back up properly and safely as I don't trust anything the last few builders/bodgers have done to it. Will completely re-do the wiring too as the ignition switch starting smoking the other day and the battery voltage is being dragged down

Many thanks again for your help chaps!


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steve m

posted on 27/3/20 at 09:52 AM Reply With Quote
There are certain items on cars, that a compromise is NOT an option
Steering and brakes are at the very top, but the list will be a long one, that will end with a fluffy dice hanging on the mirror!

The OP has obviously got concerns with some of the build quality, (as I would of) and if there was an ounce of doubt in any part
then I would bin it and start afresh,

I personally would not be happy driving a car, that had issues like this steering column, nor some of the other faults mentioned

Perhaps delaying putting the car on the road this year, and doing a complete rebuild would be the best option,

Just my opinion,



Thats was probably spelt wrong, or had some grammer, that the "grammer police have to have a moan at

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