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Author: Subject: pictures of seat belt mounts wanted - 6 point location

posted on 28/3/20 at 08:59 AM Reply With Quote
pictures of seat belt mounts wanted - 6 point location

Hi, Using the lock down time I'm going my 6 point seat belts.

Does anyone have pictures of the crotch / 5 &6 mounting points?

As I test I bolted them to the 3 & 4 mounts which I've read a number of people have done. Sort of works but I'd like to do it properly while I can. I have an expanding foam seat.

I could place two mounts at the side of the chassis approx 20 degrees behind my crotch but that instinctively seems wrong. The mountings seem very wide apart and would put the seat belt bracket in a bending instead of pulling motion.

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posted on 28/3/20 at 09:56 AM Reply With Quote
Take a look at these - they tell you exactly what's safe or not. Personally I mounted them into the floor under the seat, but the second link does say "This is achieved by sitting on the anti-submarining straps, routing them rearwards and attaching them in the region near or on the lap belt anchorages." So maybe that's OK?

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posted on 28/3/20 at 10:32 AM Reply With Quote
I've seen these, the problem is they reference having a seat. I've made my own from 2 part foam. It's damned comfy but has zero strength. It's the same approach to a seat single seat racers and 750mc locost formula use.

I'm wondering if I mount on the chassis at the rear and sit on the crutch strap -but that seems wrong

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