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Author: Subject: External Projections

posted on 23/5/20 at 06:37 PM Reply With Quote
External Projections

Hi all. I'm new to the scene and have a Beetle based Sandrail that I'm working on towards an IVA.

I have a couple of questions regarding external projections that I hope you can help with.


Does the theoretical floorline go off of the most "inner" part that the cone touches or is it further under?
By further under I mean imagine if a pen was on the tip of the cone on the floor so it'd be drawing under the vehicle.

In my case, my body frame rails all move outwards from the chassis and center of vehicle before moving back inwards about 2 foot higher. This would mean that the cone touches my chassis for the most part. Would this mean that my floor line is more or less my chassis?

I understand the cross over boundary of external and internal as I have open sides.


My next question is, do the external projections only matter on and outwards of the floor line? I don't plan on having anything sharp but the likes of my speedometer is on my "bonnet" which is encased in a plastic housing which is mostly rounded and smooth, with the exception of it's 3 mounting tabs. They're not sharp but they're not 2.5mm radious curved.


Tieing into the previous questions, currently my front end is a beetle axle which can't really be radious curved. My plan is to make a tube bumper to cover it. Would this then make my axle fine with no need to try to curve any of it. This same question also applies to the rear as my engine is currently exposed. As long as there is a tube bumper (which is built to comply with how they ask), the engine is fine to be completely on show? Also, what makes a tubular bumper a bumper and not a bull bar. I don't want to cross the line and have a bull bar with no E marking.


Thanks for anyone who reads this and any help is much appreciated.

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posted on 24/5/20 at 09:24 AM Reply With Quote
I think some pictures may help - i'm struggling to understand what you mean.

From reading what you've written - i think in each case you may have to deal with the dreaded sphere. The argument is what if you hit someone at 5 miles an hour. So the speedo for example could do a nasty cut hence they'd like it covered.

The bumpers would have to provide some form of cover to the components so the sphere couldn't get at them (i think).

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posted on 24/5/20 at 10:49 AM Reply With Quote
Thanks for the reply. I struggle to understand what I mean at times so I don't blame you.

Here's a front and rear image of where I'm up to so far.

The only thing I don't understand is, if nearly everything on the body/exterior needs to deal with the dreaded sphere (which I have 3D printed both of to help), what's the deal with the floor line?

I'll be more than happy once I fully understand what I need to do.

Thanks again.

My images won't load in preview unless I have another image loaded in so this'll do.

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phil clegg

posted on 24/5/20 at 11:14 AM Reply With Quote

If the chassis is retained uncut Iva should not be needed. A few separate chassis vehicles can be rebodied and retain original paperwork and reg. beetles, land rovers ,fx4 heralds etc. The problems arise when people shorten or modify and then Iva is needed.i mot wedding cars fx4 based. Completely rebodied and retains fx4 paperwork. Dune buggies etc also. If you keep your chassis all other mods just need to pass mot. Massive build cost saving.
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posted on 24/5/20 at 11:20 AM Reply With Quote
Unfortunately for me, that chassis is very much cut. It certainly needs the IVA.
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posted on 24/5/20 at 06:52 PM Reply With Quote
I'm not sure but on the locost we have to cover nuts for the steering arms as they attach to the steering hub & shock absorber lower mounting. If you bear that in mind it will help you figure out our at the front.

For the side, the overhand doesn't look that great so I'd *guess* it's the actual floor pan, not the wider bit.

At the rear, not a clue but to stop some plonker having a play id be tempted to fit a removable frame around the engine.

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posted on 24/5/20 at 07:19 PM Reply With Quote
My plan is certainly to have a removable frame that bolts onto the arch mounts and some higher up mounts. It's just a matter of knowing what's acceptable to avoid the pokey sphere.

I also plan to cover up all the suspension nuts as you guys do, it's just my axle itself being a solid frame instead of wishbone suspension.

You can tell I'm new to this as I didn't know Locost was a type of car. I hope I'm alright to post here for bits of advice, if not I can sling my hook.

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