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Author: Subject: My day at ATSPEED

posted on 7/7/20 at 09:07 PM Reply With Quote
My day at ATSPEED

So for those that have read about my MOT woes (and now successes!), it was all in preparation for a mapping session at ATSPEED.

My main thing to check was that there was nothing wrong with the map that has been on there for the last 10 years that I have owned the car and that there are no major problems now that I have removed the sausage filter and fitted a plenum and inline enclosed filter. All to beat the tight noise limits on track days.

So I got to ATSPEED earlier than needed this morning. I unloaded the car and had a nap in the morning sun while waiting for Colin and Ian to arrive.

- First up was to check that they could connect to the ECU. Done
- Next up was to balance the quad throttle bodies. That took longer than planned as the OEM ones are fiddly. Done
- Then it was to run it and see where it is at now. It was ok. a little spiky on the map apparently and running leaner then Colin would have liked.
- I was there to see what impact the plenum made so he did runs with, without and with 20mm spacer added for extra capacity \ plenum volume. It turns out the engine likes to have no resistance (surprise!) with about 7bhp gain made with no plenum. I cant have that as I know it is really noisy and I need to quieten it. The difference with the plenum without the spacers and with was surprising as the spacers made it loose a little over not having them fitted. This is good for me as I wsated to run without spacers for packaging and neatness under the bonnet. Happy times.
- So then is was to check and set the VVT. Done.
- Finally it was onto finer tweaks across the WOT and partial throttle rev range.

The results:

- So stock figures for these 4age 20V black tops (which are apparently optimistic) are 160 bhp and 119.5 lbft.
- The graph provided by the person before me when I bought the car showed 151bhp and about 122lbft

Blacktop dyno plot
Blacktop dyno plot

- Today the result was 164bhp and 128.8lbft.

final print out
final print out

- Obviously numbers can vary on many factors including temp, pressure, rolling road accuracy etc. So below is a screen grab of the 1st run and the last. It paints a more honest picture I think.

screen grab of 1st vs last
screen grab of 1st vs last

So I actually think the gains made today are small but significant. The power is up a little across the whole range and there has been a flat spot overcome around 6.5k and power is still up to OEM factor optimistic levels, not bad for a 25 year old car. The main thing for me is confidence that the engine is mapped and safe to run on that inlet plenum.

Overall I think that Colin (who worked on my car so I had most dealings with) seemed to know his stuff and do a good job. Its obviously hard to really tell and as its been so long, with many changes, since I last drove it I may never notice. It cost 650 for around 5.5 hours work, which seems a lot I guess but I am happy with knowing the car is good to go.

Now I need to cover some miles while the summer is still here and do some trackdays. Whoop whoop!

Track days ARE the best thing since sliced bread, until I get a supercharger that is!

Please read my ring story:

Me doing a sub 56sec lap around Brands Indy. I need a geo set up!

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posted on 8/7/20 at 08:55 AM Reply With Quote
Sounds good! Always tempted to take my bike carbed Zetec Indy there as they aren't too far, but given the use it gets I don't think it's worth it. Would be interesting to see how much they could improve on my home mapping and carb settings though. I'm suspect it would be quite a bit.
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