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Author: Subject: Wanted: Custom output flange

posted on 10/7/20 at 01:48 PM Reply With Quote
Wanted: Custom output flange

Hey locosters.

I'm (very, VERY slowly) trying to progress with my Isetta EV conversion, and I need a part manufacturing, so just wanted for idea of someone/company who could do this?

Essentially, I need a flange that slides onto the keyed shaft of the EV motor, the other end of it to be a three-arm with mounting holes to bolt to the rubber donut of the Isetta transmission.

So need something that mounts on this:

With the other end of it being:

To bolt up to one of these:

I've got the the part modelled in Solidworks so can produce a drawing as required (just not on this computer!), and it could just be a round output flange with three holes drilled in it (doesn't have to be a three-pronged thing) so could just be done on a lathe, but would need the keyway cutting through afterwards... Alternatively I could just do an interference fit I suppose, but wouldn't know how to calculate the diameters for that....

Any thoughts on where best to go and what I should expect to pay for it?

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posted on 10/7/20 at 02:40 PM Reply With Quote
That looks fairly straightforward. If you incorporate a taper bush (used in pulleys - see Bearing Boys website) you could build in a little adjustment. That would obviate the need for a keyway in the machined part. Alternatively you could file a keyway or buy a broach. I would imagine that the taper bush could transmit all the torque you have.

I have no idea what you would pay for somebody to turn this on a lathe - looks like an hour's work to me.

I think you will need to make it 3 pronged. The bolts to the other flange occupy the spaces between the webs. So it would need a bit of milling as well.

Sounds like a great project. Where are you based? You are welcome to play with my machine tools if you wish. I could do it for you if you are in no great rush - and source the material you want to use.

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posted on 10/7/20 at 02:49 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks, it is a great little project, and just the sort of thing I would've been happily spending hours on at uni in my formula student days (making the oldies of the engineering department wince at how slowly I was machining everything!). Alas, given we're trying to sort the house out at the moment and expecting a baby any day now, me buying a lathe for the sake of one part might not go down so well

Hence why I'm happy to just pay and get it ordered as it'll take away one more excuse for me from progressing with the thing!

You're right, for clearance it would need milling, or alternatively I could just drill out large holes to clear the bolt heads for the rubber donut.

Your offer is very kind and I might well take you up on it!

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