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Author: Subject: Questions on OBP pedal box install with concentric hydraulic clutch
Pete Jordan

posted on 13/1/21 at 03:02 PM Reply With Quote
Questions on OBP pedal box install with concentric hydraulic clutch

Hi Everyone,

I'm part way through installing an OBP pedal box in my MK Indy Classic and was hoping those that already have it in their cars would help we with the answers to a few questions. I should say that I have searched on the forum but couldn't find any answers specific to my situation.

First, how should I set the pedals up in the at-rest position. Should they all be vertical or leaning back towards the driver? Should they all be level with each other, or should the brake pedal be further back than the others (so it is level with the accelerator pedal when depressed, for heel and toeing)?

Second, I'm not sure how much clutch pedal travel I'm going to need and want to be sure at the fabrication stage that I have enough. The curved front inner corner of the footwell in the classic Indy restricts clutch pedal travel such that the end of the pedal hits the curved bulkhead before the master cylinder is fully depressed. I am converting my type 9 gearbox to a hydraulic concentric slave cylinder using a Mondeo CSC and the pedal box came with a 0.75" master cylinder but I cannot find out what the cross-sectional area of the CSC is and am not sure how much movement will be required from both CSC and master cylinder to release the clutch. So, if anyone knows the Mondeo CSC area/maximum travel or has experience of how much pedal travel is needed to release the clutch with this set up that would be very helpful.

Third, have you fitted clutch and/or accelerator pedal stops and, if so how have you done it? Again, not knowing how much clutch travel I need means I'm not sure where to put the stop!

Finally, how have you attached the accelerator cable to the accelerator pedal. Mine is of the type where the cable enters the pedal box from the top but the pedal is only a solid bar. Do I need to drill a hole/cut a slit in it or use one of these cable end holders that clamp onto the bar?

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice


Pete Jordan

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