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Author: Subject: R1 4XV/5PW Map - Speeduino/MS

posted on 24/7/21 at 12:48 PM Reply With Quote
R1 4XV/5PW Map - Speeduino/MS

Hi All,

Does anyone have a map for an early R1 I could have a look at, ignition and fuel.

Long story but the car came to me with a 4XV engine converted to injection using 5PW throttle bodies. MS2 running fuel only and the standard 4XV ignition module. It ran badly and wouldn't go over 9k rpm. I've tried a number of things including rolling road sessions (thinking it was the map) then concluding it was an ignition problem. Tried to add VR sensing and ignition outs onto the V2.2. The MS died on the operating table!

With help from a friend it is now running on a Speeduino for both fuel and spark. I've got a reasonable MS based map for the fuelling up to about 8k (above that the ignition was dropping out on the rolling road). The fuel above 8k and the ignition map have been guessed at. It is idling lovely on the Speeduino and revving nicely with no load. I can't map it gradually on the road as no tax/MOT/insurance as this was intended to be a track only car. Can't get a rolling road slot locally at short notice and I have a track day booked on 2nd Aug!!!

I could strap in my laptop and take logs/tweak the map over the track day but before doing so it would be great if I could compare what I have to someone else's map so I hopefully have a better starting point. I'd probably start off by going a bit richer and less advanced for safety either way.

If you have anything that might be useful I'd love to take a look. Doesn't have to be a tunerstudio file - just a screenshot of the VE table (and a note of what fuel load constants) and the spark table would be great. I'll be using aplha-N.

Thanks in advance!

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posted on 26/7/21 at 11:11 AM Reply With Quote
I can't help, but great to see another speeduino user.
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