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Author: Subject: Mig welders

posted on 22/9/05 at 08:31 PM Reply With Quote
Mig welders

Im going to purchase the welder im going to be using for my build and have a few questons.
Can i buy a gasless mig welder?
Which welders can i plug directly into the wall?
Should i buy used or new?
What other equipment will i have to buy? wire, spools, mask ect.

whats the total cost im looking at to get started?

All replys will be greatly appreciated.
Dave f.

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posted on 22/9/05 at 08:53 PM Reply With Quote
Don't buy a gasless mig they are the best you can afford.
Best place here anyway(UK), is an Industrial welding suppliers as they understand welders....if you haggle you will get wire and gauges thrown in

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Taz Surfleet

posted on 22/9/05 at 09:31 PM Reply With Quote
if you have to work outside !! then you cant beat a gasless but its harder to get a decent weld.
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posted on 22/9/05 at 09:53 PM Reply With Quote
I built chassis and bones welded in floor etc and much more with Sip 130. Iwould say if you are going to continue welding after your build get a better one with Euro torch etc. If this is all you will use welder for I don`t think you can beat that 130 for the money Plus BOC bottle.I`ll sell you mine as I`m for a bigger one.

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posted on 22/9/05 at 10:19 PM Reply With Quote
As I said in another welding post I really like the Miller 130xp. You can only get them used now but they are really fine welders, plug right in, and can be had for $300 or so.


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posted on 23/9/05 at 09:50 AM Reply With Quote
See if you can get a gas/gasless model. I have the SIP 150DP and although I normally use a big reel of .8 wire and a bottle of Argoshield, it's handy to know that I have the option of gasless should I need it. The gasless wire is massively expensive compared to a big reel of 'normal' wire and a bottle of argoshield though.

The max amperage will be more than you normally need even on a 130A so you can run just about anything you should need from the house mains, jusy don't use loads of extension leads etc, fit a long length of 16 or 25A cable if you need it. Remember, most units have 5 or 6 settings so if you get a very powerful unit the lowest setting might be too much for thin sheet?

Plenty of people will tell you they have managed a whole chassis on one or two mini gas bottles but they just didn't work for me and the argoshield makes for an easy and good looking weld (strong too if done right).

You might have a better time with a second hand higher end model than a cheaper new model. Either way a few hundred quid should sort out the welder then you need a mask (auto tint is great and can be had for 50-100), gloves 5, hat & overalls are wise 10, and the gas and wire of your choice. (I paid BOC around 80 for X size (big enough!) argoshield light, regulator, and mini mig adaptor).

Get down to a local metal working or engineering place and ask for some scraps of square tube and various thickneses of sheet and play with those, it's bloody brilliant!!!

Also can't recommend highly enough the use of a trolley.

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posted on 23/9/05 at 10:24 AM Reply With Quote
Dave first a suggestion. Try not to post the same thing in multiple areas. It'll save a great deal of hassle for both you and us lot.

Onto the topic at hand... Q: What's your budget?

I've recently bought a Sealey SuperMig 185 from eBay. It was a buy it now of 379 + 10 delivery. I did overpay the guy for a auto welding helmet too but it was $h1t and although I've sent it back for a refund he's not agreeing to refund the money yet!

Not a good advert for this guy I guess but I've no complaints about the actual welder. It came direct from Sealey. At the moment he only has a 220amp at 415 but I'm sure he'll have more on there soon.

You could always give him a call to see what else he has. Just don't try to return stuff! Seriously though I'm sure he's an ok guy and this is just a little misunderstanding between him and I. Time will tell I guess.

Whoops, I've just seen where you're located. Ignore everything I've just written!

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posted on 23/9/05 at 04:18 PM Reply With Quote
Gassless is OK it actually has less adherent spatter than pure CO2 BUT very messy -- needs wire brushing with grinder between runs.
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