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Sorry about last night
ChrisW - 25/1/13 at 09:59 AM

Few 'issues' with the hosting. I won't go into them here. You might notice the lack of 'Connectivity donated by....' in the footer?

Upshot is that I had to do a fast migration to a new server last night. Luckily I had a live database backup so we didn't lose anything, just a couple of photos that had been uploaded since the last synchronisation with the backup server.

There are a few things that don't work, search being the big one. I concentrated on getting the bulk of the site back up first, now I need to deal with things like my email and phones. I should get to fixing all the niggles over the weekend.

Apologies again.

Cheers, Chris

ChrisW - 1/2/13 at 06:44 PM

I should also point out that anything to do with email (including thread updated notifications and verifications) is not working.

Neither is the phone verification.

I hope to have all this fixed by the end of the weekend.