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Zetec oil pressure
zammobhoy - 2/11/23 at 08:40 PM

Hi Folks,

I'm running a Zetec/ST170 engine that has an oil pressure issue:

A couple of years ago I suffered a massive over-revving incident which destroyed the oil pump along with several other components.

After rebuilding with new oil pump, I seem to be having difficulty building oil pressure from cold. I am getting round this by cranking the engine for a minute or so to prevent the engine running with low oil pressure after startup.

Once started/warmed up, it's fine until the next time I come to start the next day or whenever.

Anyone come across this before? The pump was advertised has 'upgraded', but that could mean anything I guess, it wasn't an OEM part.

Any advice appreciated,



perksy - 4/11/23 at 11:03 AM

You've checked the oil pump releif valve and made sure the gauge is reading ok?

Have you used a different brand/type of oil filter?

zammobhoy - 4/11/23 at 07:43 PM

Just using the standard warning light to display pressure.

Pressure definitely low on cold startup because there is some rattling

Always used the same type of oil filter, think it's off a Renault 5

perksy - 4/11/23 at 08:02 PM

The rattling when it starts worries me a bit and I'd be checking the oil pressure both cold and hot with a gauge

Not a great lover of standard oil pressure warning lights

I'd also be checking the oil pressure releif valve isn't sticking

zammobhoy - 5/11/23 at 08:38 PM

Thanks for the input,

Iíll just haul the engine out and take a look.

Just wondered if anyone had experienced similar issues

gremlin1234 - 5/11/23 at 09:01 PM

what oil are you using? modern oils are far thinner than those of old.

thinking about it...
check the oil filter has a working anti-drain valve/flap, so you don't have to refill the filter each time you start from 'cold'

perksy - 5/11/23 at 10:09 PM

I wouldn't haul the engine out just yet without doing some more checking

You could rig up a mechanical oil pressure gauge first to get cold and hot readings

The rattling at cold, is it coming from the top or bottom of the engine?

Does your oil pressure light go out imediately when you start it from cold or does it take awhile?