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Author: Subject: Supercharger belt tensioner question

posted on 9/9/23 at 03:27 PM Reply With Quote
Supercharger belt tensioner question


Just doing a deep dive on the locost while hiding in the shade 🥵

I'm going over my belt tensioner setup and supercharger mount, now while I have good access I have limited room for the tensioner. Oh the joys 🙄

I have knocked up a great little manual belt tensioner that will be really simple to use, but I'm now worried that I will need a auto tensioner instead. Can anyone confirm if a manual tensioner will be enough? Or if I will need a auto tensioner?

I mean its a very short belt that is only being used for the charger so my guess is the amount of stretch will be minimal?

Any input appreciated as always.


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posted on 21/9/23 at 11:10 AM Reply With Quote
On my M45 the belt deflection at half way between pullies on the longest run (mine has power steering as well) is something like 9-10mm for a new belt, 10-12mm on an old belt (presumably allows for stretch).
I bought a Gates belt tension measuring device and proper adjustment stopped the belt slip I was experiencing at top revs.
If your run is very short I dont think ther'll be space for it but I can give you a measurement if required. It's not cheap at c.35 but I think worthwhile if only for peace of mind.
You may also want to join MX5Supercharged on Faceache and ask trhe question there.

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