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Mk2 Escort - Imperial threads?
Mike Wood - 14/6/24 at 08:24 AM


Starting the build of a book chassis Locost with Mk2 Escort 1300cc Ford Crossflow, Type 2 gearbox, rear axle and steering rack and MkIV/V Ford Cortina hubs.

My question is - should I expect mostly imperial fasteners on this running gear, perhaps with the exception of Metric wheel studs? What about threads for the brake hydraulics?

I am used to the varied imperial thread mixtures of 1960s and 1970s BLMC/BMC/BL vehicles - Minis, MG Midgets and Series Landrovers (UNF, UNC, BSP, BA and some Whitworth and a few unusual ones) so not clear on what Ford in the 1970s used.


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loggyboy - 14/6/24 at 09:19 AM

I seem to recall most mk2 parts were metric, it was mk1 that was mostly imperial.

Mike Wood - 14/6/24 at 09:32 AM

Thanks, thatís very helpful. A whole new world!


gremlin1234 - 15/6/24 at 07:13 PM

I thought the mkiii was the first mostly 'metric' but it would not surprise me that the mkii had a mix
I did some work on a triumph today, and had to find the BA spanners!

joneh - 16/6/24 at 01:28 PM

Probably depends on the bushes. My Fury used MK2 Escort lower control arms and I had to ream the chassis to match the imperial bushes.

MikeR - 19/6/24 at 07:34 AM

The escort Mk2 was metric - but ford reused parts, for example the engine was reused and therefore imperial (unc/unf) etc