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Saturn chassis rear shocks
adrianreeve - 6/10/23 at 04:35 PM

Good afternoon all, did anyone ever actually complete a Saturn chassis’d car, and if so, what length rear shocks did you for, and what spring rates?



Half Finished - 8/10/23 at 05:02 PM

This post may be useful on the old haynes forum?

I'm about to order the parts suggested by the user CTWV50 from Rally Design.

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adrianreeve - 8/10/23 at 05:29 PM

Thanks for that!

Half Finished - 8/10/23 at 05:42 PM

There a couple of posts there, so to be clear, this is what I'm going for. With a shorter shock on the rear.
The rear does sit high on mine with the same height shocks all round. I have scrap shocks on right now, just so that I could move it.

2 x Gaz 12" Open, 8.5" Closed Length Coilover Shock
2 x Gaz 14" Open, 9.5" Closed Length Coilover Shock
2 x 1.9", 350 Rate, 8" Free Length
2 x 1.9", 250 Rate, 7" Free Length