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Author: Subject: Midlana build...

posted on 4/3/21 at 06:04 PM Reply With Quote
Quick update - re-test was a pass.

Registration next, I'll get to that tomorrow. Now it's beer-O-clock

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posted on 4/3/21 at 06:20 PM Reply With Quote
Nice work!

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posted on 5/3/21 at 11:34 AM Reply With Quote
Well done Chris, enjoy your now rest time while waiting for registration, before the next hard step is getting used to your car on the road.

If you can, try to stop smiling, and leave some for the rest of us looking for a pass too


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Mr Whippy

posted on 5/3/21 at 12:33 PM Reply With Quote
superb well done
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posted on 5/3/21 at 01:19 PM Reply With Quote
Congrat's and Well done. I hope to see it in the flesh one day
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posted on 25/3/21 at 02:40 PM Reply With Quote
Final update from me on this one I think - just received the V5C, so a quick trip to Halfords for some plates and we are done.

Thanks for all the ideas, advice, and kind words chaps.

If anyone fancies building one, I'm more than happy to share my experiences, just ask

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posted on 15/6/24 at 09:37 AM Reply With Quote
Gosh....3 years have passed already.

I have to confess, the car has had almost no use since completion. Last year it just went to and from the MOT.

This year I adjusted the rear suspension of give 50mm more droop travel as I was finding it was struggling on some of our more 'uncomfortable' road surfaces - seems to have done the trick as I can now run it a bit higher and have more droop travel as well, so it handles potholes etc way better.

Annoyingly, given such little use, it developed oil leaks from the front crank seal (which was dry originally) and I thought the rear as well...but it turned out what I thought was rear crank seal back during build, which I replaced, was actually rear crank as well as sump - I missed the sump leak and just replaced the seal, so I decided to pull engine & gearbox for access. Made adjusting the suspension easier as well.

Pulled the sump, re-sealed that, new front and another new rear crank seal, decided to do the cam seals while I was there as well, although they were still dry, and I noticed the new at build water pump was leaking as well, so that got renewed. Also did the cambelt simply because it was 5 years since I fitted it, even though it probably only did 500 miles......

Only remaining niggle is a 'feature' of the OEM Alfa ECU. They call it 'Sport Throttle Response' and as you can probably guess, it makes the pedal response sharper. Fine, I replicated the on/off switch so have the choice of using it or not.....apart from the fact that it self-activates if it detects a certain rate of pedal press. Just why?? What a stupid idea. Anyway, I tried adjusting the linkage a bit to reduce the pedal 'speed' to hopefully prevent this self-activation but it's still not quite there, so more tinkering needed. It's easy to adjust, just awkward to get at. I just wish the on/off switch wasn't actually an on/auto switch.

I MUST use the car more this year, or I think I'll have to sell it - it's stupid having it just sit in the shed. This is 100% a 'me' problem I like driving the car, more so now the ride is better, I just never go anywhere, and we already have Vickie's Westfield so Midlana is surplus to requirements really. Sadly, I gave zero thought to what I would actually do with it once it was built......

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posted on 15/6/24 at 08:29 PM Reply With Quote
I'd suggest go on faceache and join some motoring clubs. I joined a couple, then got loads recommended to me by the algorithms. I'm amazed how many meet ups there are. I only go to the Caterham ones currently (lack of time) but plan once the weather gets better and I get more time trying some of the others out. If you have a reason to drive it, you'll drive it.
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posted on 16/6/24 at 10:02 AM Reply With Quote
Go for a drive NOW. Close the browser, dress sensibly, pick up the keys and go out. At every junction turn a different way to the car in front and see where you end up.
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