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Author: Subject: Pc prints but not always

posted on 19/3/21 at 10:52 AM Reply With Quote
Pc prints but not always

We have a laptop at work which for some reason has, over the last few days stopped printing some stuff.

It might print an email attachment, then won't print it again or it might never print a particular one. It seems to print from m/s applications which meant I had to screenshot one invoice twice (top and bottom halves) then crop and enlarge them in Powerpoint in order to print - which worked.

I suspect it's an update issue but would like to hear what youfolk think as you know far more than me


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posted on 19/3/21 at 10:54 AM Reply With Quote
If you bring up the printer queue to one side, when you go to print does anything appear even when things fail to print?

Mistral Motorsport

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Werner Van Loock

posted on 19/3/21 at 11:24 AM Reply With Quote
Interesting to see I'm not the only one, although at home.

I've got a business MFP printer at home and for some reason some laptops can print and others don't, my pc prints sometimes. If it prints and I select to print multiple copies I only get 1.

Printer is a samsung CLX-9201, perhaps yours is a samsung too.

It's giving me major headache as it was working properly for years.

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steve m

posted on 19/3/21 at 04:55 PM Reply With Quote
Are you running windows 10 ? as if so ive had months of erratic printing from my PC

Cannon wifi printer/scanner, worked fine for years, until Win 10 installed, and it took ages. as in a couple of months, before i could get my PC to even acknowledge a printer was there and at no point has the wifi or scanner worked, always did before
the PC and printer are about 30 cm away from each other

Ive reinstalled Win 10 a few times, still not fixed, all the drivers are saying there up to date
Ive changed cables, ports etc

However if i go into the garage, and fire up the laptop, also using Win 10, with no issues, i can print wirelessly from garage to spare room no problem at all

Another very random thing is that i printed my dishwasher instructions off yesterday, and from the main PC, and what came out was a garbled mess of overtyping, no pictures,

but printing from the Laptop, from the same web page produced a perfect print

I am adament Win10 is SHIT

Thats was probably spelt wrong, or had some grammer, that the "grammer police have to have a moan at

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posted on 19/3/21 at 06:03 PM Reply With Quote
Been a lot of issues with Windows 10 and printing, especially since 1703 Creater's Edition update. Microsoft have recently broken printing while.trying to fix "printing"!

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posted on 20/3/21 at 11:03 AM Reply With Quote
Even if Windows is saying that the drivers are up to date, it may be worth looking at the printer manufacturer's site - they may have their own version, that Windows does not know about.

I have a Samsung CLP-680dn and it went through a phase of often not waking from sleep when something printed to it, but would always print if you pressed a button and woke it up first. Unfortunately, when it failed to wake, that PC would not be able to print again, and the document would remain stuck in the queue, until both the printer and the PC were rebooted. Updated drivers and making sure the printer firmware was the latest have made the problem go away.

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