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Author: Subject: Red Letter Days experience

posted on 10/5/23 at 06:31 AM Reply With Quote
Red Letter Days experience

The lady wife has bought me a Red Letter Days experience, specifically the "Race track Tuition"

Anybody got any pointers? The nearest (I am in Brighton) is probably Dunsfold, but I worry that that attracts the top gear types.
Castle Combe is a proper track, so would be a good one? plus I have driven it before. Otherwise Bicester, Farnborough, Abingdon and others, mainly airfields.

Anybody got any pointers? I get the impression a huge amount depends on the instructor you get. But a good location and previous experiences are helpful


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posted on 10/5/23 at 08:37 AM Reply With Quote
Can't comment on Dunsfold. Castle Combe is my local track and have probably done over 15 track days there now. It is a nice track to drive, fast and mostly flowing. Most corners are relatively straightforward to learn but the Avon Rise into Quarry sequence takes some learning and I still haven't got it perfect!
Like you say, the instructor is key to enjoying these types of day. Do the instructors come from the circuit or via the scheme organiser? From what I've heard the Combe based instructors are a bit over cautious so don't really push you on but then there isn't a lot of run-off on most of the Combe corners so if you were to lose it the barriers await!

Isn't Brands Hatch an option then? must be pretty close t Brighton?

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posted on 10/5/23 at 08:51 AM Reply With Quote
I've had experience days before.
If you can, go for a proper track rather than a converted airfield. Had a day driving an Ariel Atom around Elvington near York. It was just a maze of traffic cones and it was difficult to make out where the track went.
Still a great experience to have though.


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posted on 10/5/23 at 10:08 AM Reply With Quote
Not too many places offer the instruction, and I have little interest in the offerings at goodwood/brands as it is more "drive a supercar" (but not fast)

Think castle combe may be the place. I was there last week, so fresh in my memory. And yes, Quarry is "tricky" with the unusual approach. I have got it right, but no idea what I did that time over the other attempts.

I did indeed worry about a maze of cones, so glad that has been confirmed.

I just need to cross my fingers that I get a decent instructor.

Thanks for the replies.

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posted on 10/5/23 at 03:54 PM Reply With Quote
Merlin Motorsport shop at Castle Combe - you might get a good drive and a chance to pick up some bits for your car.

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posted on 11/5/23 at 10:35 AM Reply With Quote
Id choose Combe or if you fancy a drive Blyton Park. Airfield tracks suck arse.

Mistral Motorsport

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