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S.H.A.C.C meeting
zx12r dug - 23/5/15 at 08:31 PM

Hi all just wanted to let you know that Shropshire alternative car club is holding a meeting on Tuesday 2nd of June at Whittington castle nr Oswestry from 19.00 onwards all types of cars welcome

Texan - 23/5/15 at 08:37 PM

Gosh, the media has ruined me. Now when I hear the term "alternative" in anything I immediately think Gay/Lesbian.

By alternative you do mean cars don't you?

whitestu - 23/5/15 at 08:40 PM

I used to read 'Alternative Car' magazine and never gave it a second thought!

zx12r dug - 23/5/15 at 08:41 PM

Yeah cars in mind but You do get some strange people there