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Raw striker chassis plate
simon04 - 14/1/21 at 09:44 PM

Hi everyone.
I'm trying to confirm where to weld the chassis plate raw striker supply for installing a zetec into it.
I was running a xflow but the passenger side mount bracket is much further forward
Cant get hold of Raw.
Anyone got any pics or confirm where it goes

gremlin1234 - 14/1/21 at 10:57 PM

do you mean VIN plate, or Manufacturers plate. either way the IVA manual has the details for a start see scn 18 'statutory plates'

loggyboy - 14/1/21 at 11:05 PM

My old chassis was zetec spec from factory - if you mean the plates for the engine mounts - do these help?

[Edited on 14-1-21 by loggyboy]

simon04 - 15/1/21 at 09:40 AM

Those pics were exactly what I needed thanks. Perfect