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Full cage options - MSUK compliant
OliilO - 25/2/22 at 07:17 PM

Iím contemplating adding a full cage to my Mac#1 for a bit of extra security both on the road and trackdays. While I donít currently compete, it makes sense to install a cage to MSUK spec to give me the option to compete in the future.

However, I donít want a cage with the front legs inside the chassis due to the compromise in space within the footwell. As I understand it the designed used by Westfield with a single bolt in shear for the front hoop could not be used as a design basis on my car as it is homologated to a Westfield chassis.

Is that correct and if so, what options exist to meet MSUK standards for an external cage?

JimSpencer - 27/2/22 at 09:56 AM


I'd suggest talking to a professional as this is probably going to have to be a cage 'built to the drawings'/bespoke which is still do-able (depending on what you're thinking about doing with it especially)

I'd suggest Nigel at Cougar Engineering Redditch

He looks after lots of similar cars for quite a few people - put the full cage on my Striker in my photo archive (before and after are both there) too.


OliilO - 4/3/22 at 09:19 AM

Thanks, Iíd suspected that may be the answer but was trying to get an idea of what may be possible within the regs so I could go as informed as possible!

Neville Jones - 12/5/22 at 10:45 PM

Go to the MSUK yearbook, and you'll find the specs you need to follow.
Diagrams are there for joints and attachments, and tube sizes.
No need for wasting a lot of money on 'experts.
If you can read english, you'll be ok.