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Jon Ison - 2/5/21 at 06:25 PM

Must try harder, managed to reach 149mph, not bad in a road legal 7.

theconrodkid - 2/5/21 at 07:23 PM

try taking the handbrake off next time

snapper - 2/5/21 at 08:05 PM

Thatís impressive...
No no itís actually bloody scary.
How did it feel. Stability etc.

nick205 - 3/5/21 at 07:38 AM

Impressive for a 7 type car!

How stable did it feel?


Brakes really up to slowing you adequately from that sort of speed?

135mph in my old Leon Cupra TDI some years ago. The car felt steady enough, but you could certainly feel brake fade happening when I stepped on the brakes firmly. The brakes wouldn't have put up with it repeatedly.

At normal road speeds the brakes were more than adequate all day.

Jon Ison - 3/5/21 at 09:33 AM

Very stable tbh, i crept over 150 for sure as i didn't hit limiter until after the speed trap, was close but not quite there. AP callipers with Pagidís finest pads, she pulls up well.

Jon Ison - 3/5/21 at 09:41 AM

perksy - 3/5/21 at 10:19 AM

Did 120mph in the pouring rain sat alongside an instructor in a Caterham at Mallory Park once
Back end twitching all over the place, but fair play to him he just kept the power on

adithorp - 3/5/21 at 10:35 AM

Nice one Jon. Where did you finish in the results?

I was getting 135 in the Fury there on a track day. It's s shame the sprints finish there as the last corner is fun coming in at those speeds.

Jon Ison - 3/5/21 at 02:00 PM

Quickest kit including slick shod stripped out kits, quickest road legal car too split a fair few single seaters and no radicals in front, i could use the power there though.
The finish was 1/2 way down the back straight, next visit in September ill be disappointed if I donít clock 150+ this was my first visit so still much too learn corner wise.

James - 4/5/21 at 01:12 PM

Is this still the original Isonblade chassis?

Same name or is it the Isonbusa now?