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MK Midi ZX12R
Keyzie - 1/10/19 at 03:39 PM

Hi All, iv'e just bought this Midi and it needs few bits doing, been trying to contact MK and original builder and not having much luck, I need a handbrake cable but got no idea what the cable is or if custom made?

Any pointers very much appreciated.


Browny - 1/10/19 at 03:57 PM

I have always found Martin helpful.

Email him;

If you send pictures of the car he may know it as there were only a handful of midi's made. They were designed to utilise the standard golf rear calipers.

I will see him in a few days so will mention your predicament and remind him to check his emails, I know he is very busy with commercial work at present.

Keyzie - 1/10/19 at 04:05 PM

Very much appreciated, please mention it to him, I 'think' I have his phone No 07956 ****04 not sure if he's still on this No? Tried it but as you say he's probably busy.

Best regards

07958 496379

Keyzie - 1/10/19 at 05:06 PM

Hi Browny, I sent him an email shortly after your reply and got an answer straight away, cables were custom made.

Ta for your help.


PAUL FISHER - 2/10/19 at 05:53 AM

Superb car, I had the chance to drive Martin's first zx12r around Oulton park a few years ago, handle great, and went very well, put in sub 2 minute time's on the full circuit, after the first lap with the car, showed great potential, only problem for me was the tight cockpit, being 6'3" and 18 stone😥, but great car for anyone up to 6ft and 15 stone I would say don't know why he stopped building them, it was great budget build car😎

Keyzie - 2/10/19 at 10:58 AM

Hi Paul

Bought it a few weeks ago in Southampton, flew over and drove it to Liverpool ferry and back to N.Ire, absolutely love it and the only issue was the clutch so im in process of replacing this week, I miss getting out in it. Im 5'10'' and about 13 stone and im a 'snug' fit!!

I ride KTM Supermoto on road and this is the closest thing I can get to a 4 wheeled motorbike!! As you say handling is excellent and I love the way it steers and stops, proper fun machine. I usually take it out at night with no traffic AWESOME!!!

I see your building a ZX10R? If mine goes bang im replacing the motor with a ZX10R, just spoke to Jack at Holeshot Racing and apparently that ZX10R motor is wicked and very tuneable.

Im new to these forums and not sure how to post pic's etc but would love to see your builds?

Best regards


PAUL FISHER - 3/10/19 at 05:55 AM

Its was over 10 years ago when I built my zx10r Indy, I've had a few other cars since then, a Stuart Taylor fireblade, and 3.9 V8 Westfield factory build, now have a Marlin 5exi with a rover t16 turbo engine.
I think your better sticking with the zx12, lots more torque than the zx10r, the Mk midi was quicker than my zx10r Indy, although the 13750 rpm rev limit on the the Zx10r was quite addictive 😎

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