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Newark Kit Car Show 2020 UPDATE/CANCELLED
jollygreengiant - 18/6/20 at 03:15 PM

18/06/2020 COVID-19 UPDATE:


Dear Exhibitor,

It is with regret that we have decided to cancel the Newark Kit Car Show in July this year. We have considered other dates for later this year but sadly these are not suitable. We know that most of you have already made payments towards your stands and we are happy to transfer all payments to the show in 2021 (dates to be confirmed) and you will be able to retain the stand(s) you have booked at the 2020 prices. Inevitably stand prices for 2021 contracts may be increasing but we can guarantee you will not be affected by this if your payments are transferred.

As we have already paid a substantial deposit for the venue, by transferring your payments to 2021 you will be helping us to be able to continue to host the show next year and in future years. It is our hope that you will grant us your forbearance and we can continue to work together in 2021.

If you are club, we will reserve the same pitch for you for the August dates. Unfortunately we do not have email addresses for every club so inevitably some clubs will receive this information from our website or Facebook page.

We are currently still planning to hold the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show in August (29 – 30 August 2020).

Thank you in advance for your understanding and I hope that we can all pull through this difficult time together and look forward to a successful Newark show next year.

Our office remains closed for the time being. We will still be monitoring emails but please bear with us if you do not get an immediate response.

Kind regards,

Roger Cooling

Grosvenor Shows Ltd

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rusty nuts - 18/6/20 at 05:10 PM

That’s a pity but only to be expected, always liked Newark

perksy - 18/6/20 at 05:23 PM

Not surprising in the current climate

It'll be interesting to see if Stoneleigh goes ahead, Don't think I'd place a bet on it unless they can come up with a masterplan...

Paul M - 18/6/20 at 09:50 PM

Shame - I was looking forward to this, not really a surprise TBH - still no sign that
a big exhibition will be safe for all to attend